any news ? i'm very interested



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Un Big up pour vous les gars, je n'utilise pas punBB (je suis son évolution du coin de l'oeil), mais voir des personnes prendre de leur temps et produire une traduction de très bonne qualité, je vous félicite

Et il est vrai que c'est dommage qu'aucun forum ne supporte plus punBB en français, espèront qu'un forum sérieux s'inscrive dans cette logique (malheureusement, l'url en point .fr est aux mains d'un forum supportant fluxBB, quelle ironie du sort tongue)

Enfin bravo à vous, je pense que pas assez de monde vous remercient à la juste valeur du travail fait !


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yes admin is only in english, front end, i think it's ok, not sure, i verif this


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your french language isn't complete, i think 40% is translated

ok thank for information, i test wink

Great mod thank you

just, i have a menu in my header (i've integrate punBB with wordpress), and it works with jquery, and your chatbox have a conflict with i think, because i don't show the chatbox if i load jquery (1.2.6), if i delete the code for load jquery, my menu works always neutral , and the chatbox work normally

any idea ? because your chatbox isn't based on jquery i think

thanks for your mod smile

it's ok, i've find a post for help me

-> … add-users/

and if i want recreate my user manually, i can paste "BRAK" in the password line, but what is "salt"  , i don't think why i can obtain this value ....

hum, this plugin work very well, just create the possibility to import older member of wordpress on the user table of punBB (if you install punBB and you have many member registered in your wordpress)

but the cookie and login function are ok for new member, no problem for this

and password are the same


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no for me it's my older member on Wp, i just install a fresh punBB today, and my member on wp can't login in punBB, the plugin don't copy my table user from wordpress to punbb user

i think for a coder it's dont really difficult to create this in php, because it's already in the plugin

but with newest member, it's ok, on wp and punBB


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Hi, i'm new on punBB, i've installed the latest version of punBB because my user want a board, i have a wordpress

so i've installed punBB with this plugin, but i have a little problem, for new user, it work very well, user is on wp and punBB table user, the cookies / login works

but for old member, the plugin not works, after update their profil, they don't are in the punBB table (me too the plugin don't works)

anyone say why i can update the table user of punBB with my old member ? or a script for copy user exist ?

thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english smile