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Garciat wrote:

1.- http://www.keydogbb.info/dhtml/keydog-1 … angmod.php

2.- Just copy the folder found in the ZIP to the /style/ folder

3.- Change Line 115 on 'lang/English/common.php' to:

'Index'                        =>    'Home',

Thank you for this. I am just setting up a forum + it took me sometime to find this.

I'd suggest this be compiled in a FAQ if possible. Thx !

Koos wrote:
new morning wrote:

Well, I fixed that part of the pb : I had to CHMOD all files in the 'cache' directory. Now I still can't use this mod : I get a blank screen.  can someone have a look at what happens ? (www.francafrique.infos.st) / http://www.francafrique.infos.st/uploadimg.php

Are you using the latest version of this mod (v1.3.3)? Also make sure that your  php version is not outdated, and that gd has been configured properly.

I am suffering this problem too.
Applied chmods already.
Can anyone give me tips ? http://ostudiolabs.com/forum/upload/uploadimg.php

edit- I have fixed it. I just deleted the files  and re unzipped them into the forum directory. thx!

proweb wrote:


Note:  it is not for 1.3


Hi guys,

Does anyone know if this is still safe to use ?

I am trying to set it up on my forum, but having issues.

+1 to the idea.