In general, made a version 1.2
Half remade.
Jackdaws bug disappeared.
Now all settings are in Signatures. I'll have to beat as any tick to configure and administer.
Downloading from github.
Only tested on 1.4.2. and 1.3.6 (moderators, please move this topic to expand 1.4.x please)

Hello everyone.
I'll see drives.
I am very pleased that the expansion in demand. smile

Khalid-S wrote:

Thanks a lot De-Luxis!! you are my hero.

always please me very interested in this deal.
In the next version of seizing the opportunity to edit the arrangement of elements, and the safety work and that would be unnecessary or insert, such <script>.

News version. HTML User 1.1
- Added support for localization;
- Ability to turn off the display and handling code for users;
- Added the ability to edit the users of its HTML, but only after administration of permit;
- Sokrashen Textarea in your profile. smile
[ Download v.1.1. ]

Yes, I am realizing that possibility in the next version.
Sorry for the delay, do not go there often.

Khalid-S wrote:

I don't know if that is a problem from the extension or not, when I add html codes and type a break code <br> it just works inside the profile>settings section (above the white empty box) but not when viewing a post.

Some pics.

Try instead to use <br> <p> Code </ p> or <div> Code </ div>

This way not only would be relevant to the clan, but in general.
For example if you want to reward the user for what he helped in the writing program, or actively assists.
Or how to to fish and beer

Good Day! I am sorry for disturbing.
You need that to each user could "give" medalku, under his Avatar (or in this area), it should be displayed. When it leads to mouse, there is a signature for what is given. And you can assign more than one medalku or contrast, and as long as you want.

I am confident this expansion will be a demand for gaming clans. But to me for that purpose and need. Thank you in advance for the forum smile

Users under аватаркой should see an additional line. It looks like this:

Accordingly, in whom there is no award, the fact that there is no line.

As administrator of the panel should be a section where you can:
1. Adding medals, indicating the appearance of medalki and name in Russian.
2. Adding a specific user medalku from those already there, pointing to that. And if he already has the coin, the new medal to be added, in no way replaces that which is.
3. Accordingly, the opportunity to remove medalku user.

In principle all. I have made myself, but alas, the php is not so strong.
Be so kind, tell a similar extension.

Sorry for bad English:)


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Using pun_quote and Ajax Post Edit with rapid quoting, insert the value null.
After updating to 2.0.4 pun_quote generally refused to quote. hmm