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YonasH wrote:

maybe http user protection? (depends how many users do you have)

Could be ... but if not planned, I want to ask a config option for some future version, to define a forum as private (only admins can add users, and only users can see forum links and content).


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elpopi wrote:

Hi, I translated almost half of punbb 1.3 files to Spanish.

This is the version 0.1 because all the admin pages and the stopwords are yet to be translated, but the forum is perfectly readable for spanihs users in this state.

I'm uploading it to http://punbb.informer.com/wiki/punbb13/language_packs

Any help is welcome.

edit: I think that Spanish language should not be between Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, as both are variations of Chinese

I´ve changed "hilos" by "temas" (as "threads" is translated in other forum scripts). Download from www.ideaworks.com.ar/punbb/punbb-1.3-spanish.zip



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Thanks. Not exactly what I´m looking, but helps (still appearing total number of users, last registered user -and his profile- , etc).
If it´s possible to see _only_ header, login link, and copyright info, I´ll appreciate the how-to.



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I need to set up a private forum, not only forums (what I know how to do), but also search, userlist, etc.
Resuming, I want only login links are visible for guests.

It´s posible?