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Try and keep in mind that the more freely available extensions are the faster the community will increase. If there are loads of extensions around no one knows about it's a shame.

Or maybe one could add them to a list of 'paid' extensions (official, unofficial, paid).

That way people wanting a certain extension can see easily if there's something similiar around.

Also; if I've paid 200€/$/£ for dev of extension XYZ, if that dev sells a nearly unchanged version of it for 100 - shouldn't my price go down or I be compensated to a certain extent? That would ensure people who have the idea for the extension but can't do it themselves also have an incentive for helping grow extension use....

I think you should keep track of what is being sold/made Utchin. It's not in the interest of community otherwise. There's a way to get ext devs paid and give people buying specific ones a fair deal. http://www.ugg2u.net

But I guess that's incompatible with GPL licence (selling certain extensions over and over?)


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To use non-15x15 pixel smilies, you must prevent PunBB from  adding the width="15" and height="15" attributes to img tags.  This can be done by editing include/parser.php in a text  editor. Open up the file and search for:

width="15" height="15"
The text should be somewhere around line 260. Then replace  the values with a width and height of your choice. If you want  to use smilies of varying sizes, remove the attributes  completely.


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To upgrade your Punbb 1.2 forum to Punbb 1.3, you should follow these steps:

Download the latest Punbb version from the downloads page.

Upload all Punbb 1.3 files from the upload folder within the downloaded zip file.

Run admin/db_update.php (e.g. open http://www.air-shox.com  in your browser).