But I think there is some improved functionality in Punbb,

I want to limit the guest, something that encourage the users, Also Want to make portal,

The extensions pun_bbcode posted here will they work with Fluxbb too ?

so much confusion fluxbb guys and punbb guys have created here. I am completely lost it tickles always punbb fluxbb.


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hey daris,

I would like to know how can I switch from fluxbb to punbb please reply,


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I want to create a portal from my forum. Is there any possible way to do so ? Please help and advice


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I am also confused in fluxbb and punbb

Dear All,

Have anyone moved from fluxbb to punbb, Please share you experience is that was sucessfull without losing any posts and settings,

Also, If possible Please advice me how can I move from fluxbb to Punbb,