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I've past this bug by doing a backup of tables, topics, posts and forums and import them back with some modification after the upgrade --> result http://futurama-france.fr/forum/index.php

I can send you my database and you'll reproduce the bug as much as you want lol. Just use a punbb 1.2 with a french language pack, post some messages with "é,è,à .." and do an upgradeto 1.3. The tables wich are in latin1 are gonna be converted in utf-8 and all the data after a "é,è,à .." are gonna be lost.

Are you serious ? This is amator work to have such a flaw :s

So how can I fix this?

This doesn't help me, it's chinease for me. I wonder why it is so hard to upgrade to PunBB, I did not knew that I had to be an expert in Mysql and PHP to do so hmm

Got the same problem, what the hell? Can you help me, I'm no expert with database.

Please some help i really can't find a way to convert correctly the messages of my forum sad

Everytime i try to upgrade from my FluxBB 1.2.21 French to PunBB 1.3  it destroy the punctuation (see screen below). Every sentance are cut as soon as there's a "é,à or è ...".
I've tried to upgrade without touching the character set, in UTF8 and in ISO ...
What can i do ?



I got this message when trying to update:
"Current character set: If the primary language in your forum is English, you can leave this at the default value. However, if your forum is non-English, you should enter the character set of the primary language pack used in the forum."

My forum was in French, whats's the character set to use please ?

I would like to migrate my forums wich are running Fluxbb 1.2.21 to PunBB 1.3.
Is it possible? How can i do without losing my database?

Thanks smile


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Can you explain me how to replace this by my own image please ?