icons for + and -


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Tareq wrote:

It's not compatible with punbb 1.3.2 i think. I am getting the message Bad request. The link you followed is incorrect or outdated. while adding a new subforum. How can i fix this?


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hey man, awesome stuff, i have some questions for you.
I'm using Forum Fixes and Images Beta, eKarma, Private Messaging, and whole bunch of other extensions. (http://www.theseabass.com/forum/)
anyways, how might i go about adding an image next to Private messages, and also add a + image and a - image to eKarma?

awesome, I'm using it!

I've been wondering about hiding post count all together, I have ekarma installed, so a user would be looked at by that instead of posts. so really, a user is being looked at by the content he posts.

not disabling post count, just hiding it.