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I fixed it, the problem was manually deleted users which had posts, making the posts invisible and adding some fake pages.

The forum on a site I am a developer on has a problem where there are fake pages in the pagination bars, on the example below the last post is on page 150 while the latest page is 152, it does it in a few of the threads on the site.

http://www.bricksinmotion.com/forums/to … fe-corner/ < Here is an example.

It's PunBB 1.3.2, I plan to upgrade it but the forums are heavily modified (both theme and code) and upgrading will probably cause it to break down.


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Unfortunately I will not be able to get Alpha A out on Sunday as planned as complications have arisen with my Laptop and I have to get that sorted, on the other hand it will defiantly be ready for during the week smile


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Don't think so it's more like the PunBB editions of stuff such as Drupal and Joomla, only it's not crap and it's easier to use big_smile


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Hoping for a release date (Alpha, not stable version) of Sunday. I will install a demo of it then.


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Will be once the MySQL version is up tongue

Also I must note the admin panel is pretty basic looking, I mean it has some nice tabs but most of the content is just text and links. Though you don't really need any images for something nobody but yourself will see.

Trying to keep it under 70kb (broke the under 50kb rule, sorry!), but the default theme does have some images and is very fancy indeed (I didn't design it tongue)

Edit: This series of versions will have a plugin system. I promise.


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SuperMAG wrote:

Incredible work. its really promising project.

Thanks a lot smile

I've added a ton of features since the last release, the software won't be filesystem based anymore as it's really hard to organize data and etc, so it's MySQL now. At first I tried to make it so that there was the possiblity to add more SQL software's to the program, but it didn't work so I stuck with MySQL. Perhaps in 0.4 though.

The MySQL version is the "0.2" series, and will most likely get out of Alpha quicker as I'm very happy with the features present, a ton more than the Filesystem one. I'm just working on the new redesigned Admin Panel now and once that's finished and the Installation page works it'll be ready for release.

0.2 Alpha A smile


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Top Websites:


Top Tips:

* Keep your code clean, everybody likes clean code.
* If ever the need occurs to develop software, try to keep PHP away from HTML, this may seem hard at first but there are many ways to do it.


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I may be scrapping the Flat File edition in favour of a more powerful and structured MySQL version I have in development. This should see:

- All bug fixes and security holes in the current Alpha series fixed
- Opportunity to have support for MSSQL and SQLite in the future
- A fully rewritten and redesigned Admin Panel
- None of that stupid "magic quotes" nonsense.
- Subpages can link to main pages.

I'll be getting to work on this straight away and Alpha A should be released in a few days.


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I'm planning to redo the design on the Admin Panel in future.


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Will do, but I'd prefer to do it myself at the moment I've got it into a Beta state, perhaps.

Released Alpha E:

- Fixed an Internet Explorer bug with the design
- Added a <!-- Powered by CloudCMS --> line to the code
- Some spelling mistakes fixed
- Added a template editor to the Admin Panel
- Did some more bug fixes, can't remember what exactly.

http://cloudcms.googlecode.com/files/Cl … AlphaE.zip


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Forgot I posted this here but whatever:

Scripted, that would be a rather good idea however it would add more luggy to the code and I'm planning on implementing some more features soon. Also quaker unfortunately I don't think it's stable enough for a demo at the moment (the admin panel has one security issue, but you would need to be an admin to take advantage of it) so I'm not yet comfortable setting up a demo.

Soon though tongue


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Small Content Management System I wrote which doesn't use MySQL databases. It's less than 100kb and still in Alpha, but is usable.


What do you think?


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I have PunBB integrated into my website purely so I can have the user do things on the site if she is logged in and stuff. When I submit a form on the website it will take me into the forums and say my CSRF key is invalid and if I would like to continue. If I click continue then all the post data submitted into the form is lost, I don't want it to go to the forums when I submit the form anyway, but it is necessary to have PunBB connected to the website as the form has to collect the username of the user.

Is this solvable, and if so, how?

They are using an old version of PunBB, which is not supported by the chat software (BlueIMP I think) they want to use.

I know this isn't a problem for them anymore, as one of their developers is working on a chat solution for them.


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So far the HTML for posting a topic is:

<title>Post new topic - PunBB feature requests - PunBB Forums</title>

It would be useful to have the option to change it, so the user could prehaps have it like that:

<title>PunBB Forums :: PunBB feature requests :: Post new topic</title>

UK, correct.

Heh, looks quite like PunBB too.


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Fully integrated into a not so complete but still awesome website, called Bricks In Motion. Here it is:


I love the modifications to the design, but I would suggest that they center the category text and make it bigger to fit in with the boxes on the front page. I also don't like the position of the "Index - Chat - Search - Userlist - Register - Login" etc links, they could be positioned to a more obvious location.

Other than that, I like it, don't you?