I'm a beginner mod - maker and I want to create mod which will allow admin to add some additional boxes, for example under the menu in PunPortal (in version 2.1, like here) and in some other places.
But I can't find anywhere this version of PunPortal, topic on this forum is removed, even uncle Google can't find it for me.
So, if somebody knows where this mod is, or maybe someone have whole mod on his computer - maybe You can write here or send it on my mail: pavel.henry@gmail.com

I'll be glad and in return I will send You my mod which I describe above  smile



I'm from pun.pl, Polish site where you can made your own forum in PunBB 1.2
We need some programmer, who can write a few steady mods for PunBB v. 1.2. We need mods like:
HTML inside post
Junior admin
Subforum inside subforum
Calculation posts from subforum

I know, this mods are exists now, but they aren't steady, and our admin (Mr. Tomek) can't install this.
We will pay of course.

Please answer in this post, or write on mail: pawel.henry@wp.pl



Jestem z serwisu pun.pl, strony, gdzie możesz założyć swoje własne forum PunBB 1.2
Potrzebujemy programisty, który będzie w stanie napisać parę stabilnych modów dla PunBB v. 1.2. Potrzebujemy:
HTML w postach
Junior admin
Subforum w subforum
Naliczanie na indexie postów z subforum

Wiem, że te mody aktualnie istnieją, ale żaden z nich nie jest stabilny i nasz admin (Pan Tomek) nie może ich wgrać.
Oczywiście zapłacimy.

Proszę odpowiedzieć w tym poście, albo napisać na maila: pawel.henry@wp.pl