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Hi guys,
i'v a one table and i want to migrate it in the table users of punbb.
The problem is this:
My table have 3 fields, id, username,password and password is cripted in md5.
How i can convert that password into table users that use sha1?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english.



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is ready?

Slavok wrote:

PunBB 1.3 has an extension system. It helps to add functionalily to a forum easily with usage of hooks. This article should help you. To add a new link to a profile you can use "pf_change_details_modify_main_menu" hook.

BED wrote:

I can make confusion making these modifications to database (table users)?

What changes do you want to make in the DB?

Edit/Add/Delete field in tabel users

Hi everbody,
I would want to manage a network using PunBB
An other idea has come me, to manage all private area of the customers of the network from the page Profile of PunBB.
You believe or a good solution?
Moreover, me it will be easy to implement new pages in the profile?
Now there are: Introduction,Identity,Settings,Signature,Avatar.
Here I would have some to implement others.
Other thing, I have the necessity to add fields to the table users, and even than to eliminate them or to modify some field.
I can make confusion making these modifications to database (table users)?
If Let me know says as how to add pages to the profile you of I would be pleasing.
f you didn't understand something you say it to me. ; -)