yeah, we should manualy chmod from cpanel,,, big_smile , ,maybe it should automatic chmod after instalation of extension,,, big_smile


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big_smile can't say nothing,,,,,,,,,

thanks, i've cleared the cache and the alert is gone.thanks. but any clue why this happen ??? big_smile . thanks slavok

I get this message :

Administrator Alerts

PunBB updates: The latest attempt at checking for updates against the updates service failed. This probably just means that the service is temporarily overloaded or out of order. However, if this alert does not disappear within a day or two, you should disable the automatic check for updates and check for updates manually in the future.

any clue why this happen ???


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So sweeeeet, big_smile big_smile big_smile


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it's cool... i will try this first,,, big_smile thanks

maybe this ekstension :

Forum Fixes and Images Beta
Created by Rich Pedley.
Version v0.3.
WARNING: use at your own risk (written for 1.3 beta) Correcting some minor forum code for css, and adding images.

There is no : 'Mark all as read'            =>    'Mark all topics as read',

in index.php Lang (english) file


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hey,, succesly upgraded. But in 'another way'. these what i do :

i've backup the database, then upload the 1.3.3 version, but unfortunetly the config.php was deleted. so error happenend. Then i delete all the files, re unzip the 1.3.2, then instal, run db_update. then unzip 1.3.3 run db_update again. Voila, back to bussines again.


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Parpalak wrote:

PunBB 1.3.3 is released. 1.3.2 to 1.3.3 changes:

  • a lot of bugs fixed (CSS & markup, defects in language files, correct response header placement upon errors, hook rearrangements, parsing posts in feeds, correct language pack detection during the final stage of the install process;

  • contains fixes of security flaws (which were fixed by hotfixes in previous versions);

  • it is now possible to limit searches to topic subjects or message bodies;

  • users are not allowed to change their e-mails without entering their passwords first.

The already existing styles and language packs should be checked for compatibility with the version 1.3.3 before the latter is installed. After checking, the version 1.3.3 may be installed.

How to upgrade:

  • make a backup of the database and files;

  • turn the Maintenance mode on (via admin panel);

  • overwrite old files with new ones;

  • after owerwriting, verify that cache, img/avatars and extensions (for pun_repository) directories have enough write permissions (usually 777);

  • clear cache directory;

  • go to the forum index and run db_update.php script;

  • turn the Maintenance mode off.

To developers' notice. Please, check your extensions, styles and language packs for compatibility with the version 1.3.3. The following may be of use to you:

Downloads: get the latest PunBB on Downloads page or via Subversion repository.

i've done that, but the web now completely blank ..... what did go wrong ??? … nbb13:lang …



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i've upload indonesia pack, but it seems not very corectly translated big_smile, if anyone want to check and repair it ,thank you. hey, how to make a project in wiki ? … nbb13:lang …


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ok, ASAP:D


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Indonesian translation ready to go