could this mod be added into the sidebar of my portal?


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i made this for my friend's linkshell.

    else { echo"\t\t\t\t\t".'<td>'.$lang_online[$user_data['current_page']].': <b><a href="'.$user_data['current_page'].'?id='.$user_data['current_page_id'].'">'.$db->result($current_page_name, 0).'</a></b></td>'."\n";}

does it have anything to do with using the subfolder?

i had posted this on punres and no one seems to be able to help...

i've been getting this error at random:

Notice: Undefined index: /brokendreams/viewtopic.php in /home/***blablabla***/online.php on line 56

the strange part is, i used this exact same file on my other site and it didn't ever do this. any ideas?

the site is here:

works nice ^^


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there is a poll addon at punres anyway if you really want it...

i've used phpbb 3 diff times and i always end up changing to something else. i really prefer the simplicity of punbb.

any way to make it a movie gallery also? or is it limited to images?


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i had a group of 3 girls once spam my entire forum with one word posts. they thought they were being funny/cute. i banned them all.


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thank you. smile


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i would like to put easy bbcode into the private message system. anyone tried this?

i am using this and this.

i had to make some changes for it to work.


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Crissipos wrote:

I like the colors.. smile

The only thing is that you have 2 places to login now, and 2 menus smile

thanks. smile i'm working on modifying the header. i have a graphic that will replace the menu.

is there a converter for ldu?


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this is the second time i have installed punbb. i was just messing around.


lebel wrote:
n|oa wrote:

I get this error when I try to make a new post..
"Unable to fetch group info."

same thing

here too, but i installed it weeks ago and it was fine until today.

having problems trying to lock forum sections and give access to members.

if i try to lock the forum, it says:
An error was encountered
Error: Unable to update forum.

i changed the value in mysql to locked to see if it would be locked then, that worked.

when i go to the profile page it says this near the checkbox:

Warning: in_array(): Wrong datatype for second argument in /home/darkbase/public_html/sikkart/nnf/forums/profile.php on line 1283

i'm using 1.1.5 and i know this is an older mod, but does anyone know how to solve this problem?

is there a way to modify it so mods can't change other's profiles?