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Would it be possible to add a word "Tags:" (or something similar) before the items in a cloud? Some people are getting confused about what the words down there mean. big_smile


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Have some hooks for the spots before and after the topic 'RSS topic feed' and 'Subsribe' links been requested? I can't seem to find any around there (or then its well hidden for a punBB newbie like me). :S

On the blue bar next to the 'RSS topic feed' and 'Subscribe' links?

I'll try that next time Parpalak, thanks for pointing out. smile

I just informed because the pack didn't work "out of the box", so I needed to modify the files for it to work. smile

Alrighty, so it's doable. I'll give it a shot. Thanks. smile


This pack seems to make my userlist content disappear completely. I wonder why it does that? Thanks. smile

EDIT: I can't access anything useful under the 'users' tab in my administrator panel either. I'll redo the pack from scratch (for myself) to see whether that fixes it.

EDIT2: Its the 'ä' and 'ö' letters which cause the pages not to display correctly. I've been converting them to proper letters and symbols and the pages are working just fine.

Is it just my computer which makes the letters not work or is it borked for everyone else too? Has the pack even been tested on punBB 1.3.3?

Hello. I'm having somewhat the same problem. I can't see anything in our forum's userlist. Not even the Admin. Any ideas why this happens?

Extensions: pun_repository, pun_antispam, pun_bbcode, pun_pm, pun_poll. And using Oxygen theme.

EDIT: In view source, anything between paging links seems to have been stripped:

<div id="brd-pagepost-top" class="main-pagepost gen-content">
    <p class="paging"><span class="pages">Sivut</span> <strong class="first-item">1</strong></p>
    <div id="brd-pagepost-end" class="main-pagepost gen-content">
    <p class="paging"><span class="pages">Sivut</span> <strong class="first-item">1</strong></p>

EDIT2: I think I've found the culprit. My language set (finnish) makes it disappear. Looks okay when using English.

I'll try to find something which would break the compatibility...


I'm loving punBB already, simple and effective. smile

My punBB sits in a subdirectory (let's call it 'forum'). My main website is straight on the domain. I would like to get my forums 5-10 latest posts (with only the topic subject visible) and display them in a list at my main website.

I read the wiki's integration section and spotted an example on displaying latest 10 posts, but I'm not sure if it works for me the way I want. I'm not a PHP/backend expert so any info on this would be nice. smile

Many thanks in advance!

(And sorry if this is the wrong section to ask this.)