Sorry, I think I found a bug.
If I edit the subforums "Set parent forum" doesn't been my setting, it will be "without parent"

Maybe you need to go to Profile → Settings change Language

Today,about 17:00 in Taiwanese time.


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Traditional_Chinese has been updated. …

Traditional_Chinese has been updated.
Please redownload.

Traditional_Chinese for PunBB 1.4.2 is uploaded. smile


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Traditional_Chinese for PunBB 1.4.2: …


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Ken1988 wrote:

Why didn't I saw this, when I requested this yesterday? O.O
Thank you! big_smile

//update// How to use this function? [YOUTUBE]tag doesn't work[/YOUTUBE]

Use [video][/video]


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A bug.


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KANekT wrote:

For correct work I had to edit the files...


urban_1.php should be edited too.

if($forum_user['avatar']['type'] == 1)
    echo('<a href="'.$base_url.'/profile.php?id='.$forum_user['id'].'"><img src="'.$base_url.'/'.$forum_config['o_avatars_dir'].'/'.$forum_user['id'].'.gif" id="topavatar"/></a>');
else if($forum_user['avatar']['type'] == 2)
    echo('<a href="'.$base_url.'/profile.php?id='.$forum_user['id'].'"><img src="'.$base_url.'/'.$forum_config['o_avatars_dir'].'/'.$forum_user['id'].'.jpg" id="topavatar"/></a>');
else if($forum_user['avatar']['type'] == 3)
    echo('<a href="'.$base_url.'/profile.php?id='.$forum_user['id'].'"><img src="'.$base_url.'/'.$forum_config['o_avatars_dir'].'/'.$forum_user['id'].'.png" id="topavatar"/></a>');


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Thank you~

Try to download from this:

But I had checked link, it can download.
I respect you,because in our country Taiwan everyone has the Freedom of Speech, so I can't limit what are you thinking and what are you saying.

Sorry, That is my negligence, I had updated. Please redownload.

That are your (Chinese) thinking,I can't limit you.
But I'm Taiwanese. I can't agree this. I think Taiwan is a country.
Taiwan and China standing on opposite side of the Strait,there is one country on each side.

You are very political!!
Taiwan is a country that is a fact.

Why don't you say English?

This language pack I had tested,and I am using now.
It's normal.

Sorry,I don't know what are you talking about....
But actually China belongs to Taiwan.
Taiwan is a country.
You made a mistake!!


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It can be setting in Profile


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Traditional Chinese language pack for PunBB 1.4 …

Traditional Chinese language pack for PunBB 1.4.X has finished smile

PunBB 1.4.0: …

PunBB 1.4.2: …

You can use sql administrator program like phpmyadmin to see o_cur_version in punbb_config,to know it was already done database update or not.


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Will add forums for Punbb1.4?


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Because you just installed one extensions.
It's normal


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Check your URL scheme setting.
If it isn't Default,modify to Default.
Otherwise you need to install mod_rewrite.

檢查你的URL scheme是否為Default,如果不是請改為Default