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Can you enable HTML and add HTML codes to the forum post?


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Yup ... I  believed the developer thought that .NET is same as PHP so most of the things are looking exactly like PHP.


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Weasley ... it looks pretty good ... Excellent ... keep on the good work.  You might want to have an option if they want to use mySQL or not.

So it would be something like:
* File System  (radio button)
* MySQL Database  (radio button)

Matt you can be happy with your VI for everything (include editing: flash file and action script)

Here are some of the IDE that I have used in the past, for those who are interested you can check it out.

PHP, JAVA, JSF:  Eclipse   (free) , Net Beans (free)
ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET: Visual Studio 2008 Express (Free), Visual Studio 2008  Professional (<$300)
HTML, CSS, DHTML, Javascript: Notepad, Dreamweaver CS3, Microsoft Expression, (someone mentioned FrontPage: FontPage has been changed to Microsoft Expression)
Flash:  Adobe Flash
Silverlight: Microsoft Blend
UML to Code: Altova
Source Control:  SVN (free), CVS (free), Team System 2008, Visual SourceSafe

I sometimes use Notepad, vi (shell scripting) for quick fix only.   I better version of Notepad is Notepad++ (http://notepad-plus.sourceforge.net/uk/site.htm)

For those who like to program in PHP 4, PHP 5, and Zend Framework (MVC Framework) try: 
Zend Studio for Eclipse ($399) (if you think you can make money from your PHP program, which I often do).  I've been using it for 2 years already and I really like it.

This post will concluded all my posts.   Happy Programming! 

Hope this helps

Okay fair enough ... What do you use to write action scripts? or flash file with action script?

Let me guess  ... VI again?

My point I'm trying to make here is VI, NOTEPAD are simple and easy to use for quick fix here and there but they are not the best tools for Software Development, because may not designed as Software Development IDE tools. 

Matt ...  if you keep arguing that VI is the best tool for the software development, then there is nothing I can say.

Matt ... I never say that the IDE(s) that I preferred are better. I personally like Notepad, but sometimes we need to go outside the box, and explore other IDE(s).  I did say that I do use notepad for quick fix and stuffs, but in a large development environment a professional IDE should be used instead.

I've tried a lot of the other tools and, personally, I detest them. However, I wouldn't attempt to try and say that all other options are crap.
from: MattF

Can you name a few IDE that you have used and were crap?

MattF wrote:

I did try thinking of a subtle response to that but failed miserably.

In all honesty, that is a complete load of bollocks spouted through ineptitude and|or ignorance.

Matt you don't have to agree with me.  I'm sure you're a good programmer, probably more Software Development experiences than me but let's be realistic.

You probably use VI for your PHP programming, if you have a chance to use Zend Studio for Eclipse, you probably do a lot more what VI can do. I can give you a few features:

* Project Navigator (Explorer)
* Refactoring   (rename function in entire project)
* Setter and Getter
* Function outline
* CSS Preview
* Jump to a function by hold down control + click (doesn't matter on what file ... eclipse will open that file for you)
* and there are many more.

If you are an owner of a company ... I don't think you would consider "vi" for your software development IDE.  Because it wastes time and money.

That's why Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft Express, Dream Weaver are available.

In my opinion, via + notepad are good for quick and dirty stuff ... but for long run ... consider professional IDE editor. (save time and money)


Excellent ... it's good to know ... thanks Erik ...

With go Daddy web hosting ... only read permission is set on the root folder ... you need to use the control panel and add write permission for configuration data (sub-folder) ... I think I saw this error on GoDaddy Shared Host before.

May be it's the written issue ... try to go to config folder or something and allow read and Write permission.

Hope this helps

This looks like your  homework ehe smile ...

Personally, Vi. For everything.

You must be very good with UNIX command, I'm more like a Microsoft person.

TheMF ... can you post a full description of what you're looking for?  I might be able to help.

What do you use for CSS, Rich Pedley?  I sometimes use Dreamweaver for CSS.

I just dropped by your site and I think you did a good job on your videos .. keep on the good work.


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Matt ... I agree with you,  but I feel like every program startups differently.

Some store data in XML file, mySQL database, and others in text.

So it's hard to capture them alll ... I think understanding the concept is main key here.

A sample prototype can be something like this:

function onApplicationStartUp() {   
     if (!apc_fetch('isContainingData')) {
       apc_store("isContainingData", true);

function initAllVariablesAndConnectionSettings() {
    // Your code here !!! loads from XML mySQL database  file ... what so ever!
   // I personally like to store my ettings in XML file because I can move the settings between programming languages.


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In a small website, the differences are very small but here is an article for facebook and the comparison is:
Normal 4050ms
APC 135ms

full details:
http://sizzo.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/ … ing-dc.pdf

This piece of code is a complete reference, i'm not sure what else do you want to know.  So as the result, APC_STORE acts like Hashtable (C#, NET) or HashMap<String, Object> in JAVA.  Everything stores in the cache memory, it clears on startup & shutdown.

To store a variable in a memory you do:
apc_store('variableNameHere', $valueHere);

Read a variable:

I found that Notepad is the best editor.

PHP, JAVA:  Eclipse Editor
ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET: Visual Studio 2008
HTML, CSS, DHTML, Javascript: Notepad, Dreamweaver CS3, Microsoft Express


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I found that having include configuration files in the php files is very inefficient.

I found the solution here using PHP Cache and want to share it with everyone, I hope that you can find it useful.

Cache a variable in the data store .

$bar = 'BAR';
apc_store('foo', $bar);

You can store any data type, object, etc.

Read more:


You can pretty much ... View Source Code ... then copy the  HTML code from the site, then you should be able to have the country and the state drop down menu


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I like the PunBB.NET a lot .. thanks!