naitkris wrote:

requires loading tons of JS though, slows down forum for those on slower connections or some distance from the webserver.

stop with this false argument please : the JS = 23 ko ... not the end of the world. In this case, embed a youtube video is bad for people who have 28 kps connexion, isn't it ?

in fact ... there is now better and easier solution to integrate Youtube videos ... with only

[ url = youtube ] name of video [/ url]

with Jquery :

Perfect for mp3, too ... and only javascript to put on header smile

I have discovered it on bbpress ( ... and I think it's a great idea : ... I can post about a subject in a category or another ... but with tags, you can sort all the subjects dispite of the categories ... what do you think about it ?

2nd request ...

[tag] a word [/tag] >>> url you want / tag / the tagged word ....

I know it's with parsing ... but don' see how to do.

> on the right ..."Agenda" ... all my datas are in latin format ... but my page is in UTF-8 format ... my script is

function agenda_gen($type,$nbblock="12"){
global $conn;
if($type){$extsql ="and id_catets =\"$type\"";}
$sql_listeve = "
        SELECT DAYOFMONTH(start)
            jour, start, event,place,date.valid,title,description,eventtype.type,image,name, town, zipcode, phone, address
            place, date, events, eventtype
            start >= NOW()
            start < (NOW() + INTERVAL 24 DAY) 
        ORDER BY
            start, jour, type, name

$result_listeve = mysql_query($sql_listeve, $conn);

$NBEVE = mysql_num_rows($result_listeve);


while(list($jour, $start, $event,$place,$valid,$title,$description,$type,$image_ev,$name, $town, $zipcode, $phone, $address) = mysql_fetch_row($result_listeve))
    $tabjour = split(" ", $start);
        $tjour = $tabjour[0];
        $jour = eregi_replace("-","",$tjour);
    if($jour != $cejour)
        if($tour !=1){
            $agenda .="


        $agenda .="

                            if($tour !=1){$agenda .="</dl>";}
                            $agenda .="


            $agenda .="

                                    <dd class=\"nomsoiree\">".stripslashes("$title")."</dd>
                                    <dd class=\"lieu\"><span>".DATETIMEFR($start,3)."</span> $name</dd>
                                    <dd class=\"description\">".stripslashes("$description")."</dd>
                if($tour2 == $nbblock){break;}
    $agenda .="

return $agenda;


WHERE have I to put the function to encode in UTF-8 ?

Thanx smile

I need a script which allow to each user/group the possibility to have his OWN rss news smile

I have received your mail quaker ... but no files, and ... I don't like Iframes ! smile

I would like to know if I'm the one to want this feature.

If a coder is available, ready to pay to have this :
1. group in punBB which authorize to have a blog
2. comments on DC = punBB users (and/or guests)

That's all smile

I'm laughing smile sorry smile
Evil is everywhere.

I don't want to be annoying smile but is it possible to have in THIS thread all the links and the right codes to install without many surfs this GREAT plugin ? (or ... widget, now smile) … boxes.html

Who would be able to associate this great script with a Pun Account ?

And ... whynot, create a page which contains ALL the news of ALL members ? Great source of information, a lot of time to prevent from searching interesting urls smile

A crazy request : possible to integrate TAGS ?
In this way, it becomes possible
1. to search galleries by users
2. to search galleries by ... tags smile

No need to have a gallery script smile

It would be great to use the gallery inside posts smile

So ... with the apparition of XML files to control medias (FLV + MP3) it was able to realize pretty things.

And we can imagine this with ...
for MP3, using this player

the user 1 posts a MP3 ... which is stored inside a xml file and with time, we'll all have the MP3 of the users !
this player is able to link : imagine >> the link = the topic where the mp3 is ! So ... even an incredible numbers of MP3, the player keeps the possibility to find the mp3 where it was posted.

For the videos, I have find this. The same thing : it was able to store several FLV !!! … multi.html

about title, we can imagine in first time the name of the mp3 or flv without extension, and "added by User 1, 2, 3" ...

Crazy or not, it would be great, isn't it ?!

thanx for your help. The problem is biggest ... the hard disk has crashed ... happy.

My problem : it's become impossible to post.

problem "punBB_search_matches" table

I click on phpmyadmin "repare table"

and the table is not repaired ...

sad sad sad HELP !


in fact we have only kept from Coppermine the Database. We were fed up with this soft, so we have dev' our solution : 3 php files, One Css ... and Ajax power.

We'll do a website soon.


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Yes always available ... but I think the better solution is to use Flash .... this is one on my future requests smile

With now 4507 members ... it was impossible to use this plug in which crashes ...

Is it possible to "rewrite" it ?

Maybe soon .. we are fed up of the very OLD navigation of CPG which are perfect for NS3 ... but we have now powerful browsers : IE6 / 7, FF, Opera, Safari ... and are the example of this integration 100% tableless.

But look at :  the base is coming from CPG, but it seems CPG is better for the navigation ... test, and you will see smile

When the code will be finished (we work on the admin), we'll do a new system gallery using dhtml, ajax and xhtml.

I saw this on ABBA official Website (I love ABBA)

And I think it's very cool : the topic is separated from the answers, and I like very much the layout. Possible to have this ? Thanx for your help smile

This FANTASTIC Plugin HAS TO BE directly in 1.3 smile

It works fine smile Thanx !

How can I do it ?

Waouhh I have seen this ... phpmyadmin

Can't open file: 'punBB_search_matches.MYD'. (errno: 145)


requête SQL : 

SHOW KEYS FROM `punBB_search_matches`

MySQL a répondu:

Can't open file: 'punBB_search_matches.MYD'. (errno: 145)

I have no backup : the end ?!

An error was encountered
Error: Unable to insert search index word matches.

... it was OK few minutes ago ... and then ... I have this sad