- New client version (1.3) available: see the announcement...
- New serveur version (2.0.4) available: see the announcement...

Many improvements, main is files exchanging AND sharing (publishing).

(Compatible with PunBB 1.4)

Server version 2.0.3 is available, and client version 1.23.

Many improvements (users roles, share bookmarks...),
all listed with screenshots on the official announcement.

New client version (1.22) available: see the  announcement.

Server version 2.0.2 is available, and client version 1.21A.

Many improvements (shoutbox with (publics/private) groups, votes...),
all listed with screenshots on :
http://www.intramessenger.com/forum/vie … t=726&

Download : http://www.intramessenger.net/download.php

Server version 2.0.1 is avaible, more informations (and screenshots).

About version 2.0 (last december).

No, I'm not (I'm french)
but some one (Francesco de Marpillero) help me for italian translation...

MattF wrote:

can't you put the British flag on to signify the English language selection on your site, as it should be?

Not really sure to understand...
I put 3 flags (buttons) on my website, just for change language (default is english).

Example : http://www.intramessenger.net/images/bt_us.gif

You prefer a combo, with only the current language displayed ?

(sorry for my english roll)

IntraMessenger  is a special instant messenger,  can authenticate (login+password) through PunBB.
You dont need to be connected in PunBB, to contact your "community/teams/..."
without give your personnal msn/yahoo email address, just use your PunBBaccount on your PunBBserver.

Server is PHP/MySQL, make easy for the administrator to choise all options, for display, contact manage, lock...

Client (only under Windows, sorry... ) screenshot :

Server (Windows/Linux...) screenshot :

How to do in PunBB?
NOTHING to change inside PunBB (a good news !)
Just have to active option _AUTHENTIFICATION_ON_PUNBB
and if necessary change paremeters to PunBB (host, database, login and password) in file PunBB.config.inc.php (nothing else).
IF PunBB version >= 1.3, rename /common/extern/punbb1.3.auth.inc.php to /common/extern/punbb.auth.inc.php.

On (Windows) clients, install and choose the url of installing IntraMessenger,
write same login and password (same PunBB), and lets go !

To see a online flash demonstration 'how to use' this software : http://www.theuds.com/im-demo.php?lang=EN&

To test admin area : http://www.theuds.com/intramessenger/ad … ng=EN&

Extern authentication example : http://www.intramessenger.net/tests/

See usage diagrams : http://www.intramessenger.net/doc/IM_usage_diagrams.pdf