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Yes, in my opinion it's a basic feature, too.
Hope it will be integrated in future.



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I made a style based on SilverLight by SuperMAG.

Hope u like it.

Demo is here.

Download - 900 px width
Download - 60% width


Thank you very much smile

got a problem with pun_pm.
Yesterday I installed pun_pm, but I'm missing the link in the navigation.
In another forum I installed with this extension, the link was displayed correctly.

Hope you can help me.

(Sorry for my bad english lol)

There is an extension for FluxBB 1.3 .
For me, it doesn't work.
Here's the link:
http://fluxbb.org/forums/topic/336/exte … by-reines/
Click at the Link in the Post and search:

Maybe u know how to modify it that it works for punbb.


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Is there any full list for hooks?

I'm searching a hook for modifying '<div class="main-head">'.

Want to write a extension which allows to open and close the divs for categories using Prototype and Scriptaculous.


N3twork2 wrote:
N3twork2 wrote:


I have error :

Error: unable to establish connection.

Why ?
I use punbb 1.3.4

Thanks a lot !

Help !!

Same problem.

But sometimes, it sends my messages.