looks like its someting to do with the template ;-(

any idea how i can fix this?? any help will be apprieciated

thanks jamie



Grez wrote:

Disable poll extension. There's en error in code (2 times " instead of only once) and since your forum sends header application/xhtml+xml instead text/html (which I have no idea how you've done) you'll get this error  wink

me neither!

disabled that and all working ok now thank you all!

KeyDog wrote:

you screwed up the style.... put back the default style and see if error continues.

then test your new style by just setting it for yourself, not the whole forum... font style is too large for those fields to be set correctly.... (imo)

I've put the forum back to default on my profile and on the main settings with the same problem still occuring

thank you for your input

getting this error when you try and post a new topic in firefox???

any idea's??

thanks for the replies

used my ftp to overwrite the files and error now gone

still got the original problem when the back up extension is installed

but i m not desperate for it so i'll just not use that extension

thanks again ;-0

Parpalak wrote:
pilch73 wrote:

still got the admin alert

Seems like you don't have overwritten all old files. Try to copy and overwrite all files in directories "admin", "include", "lang", "styles" and *.php files in the forum root directory from 1.3.3 installation package. Then remove *.php files in "cache" directory.

right i disabled the back up(database/files) extension and thats fixed it

still got the admin alert

Administrator AlertsDatabase version mismatch Your PunBB database is meant to be used in conjunction with a newer version of the PunBB code. This mismatch can lead to your forum not working properly. It is suggested that you upgrade your forum to the newest version of PunBB.

installed extensions

pun_topic_online_users, pun_bbcode, pun_repository, pun_attachment, pun_poll, pun_pm, pun_quote, pun_antispam.

i'm not sure when the problems occured i only noticed in the last few days

sorry a bit vague think the last thing i did was do the upgrade to 1.33 probably done something wrong in tis processs

getting the admin alerts

Administrator AlertsDatabase version mismatch Your PunBB database is meant to be used in conjunction with a newer version of the PunBB code. This mismatch can lead to your forum not working properly. It is suggested that you upgrade your forum to the newest version of PunBB.

PunBB versionPunBB 1.3.3

EnvironmentOperating system: Linux
PHP: 4.4.9 - Show info
Accelerator: eAccelerator
DatabaseMySQL Standard 4.1.22
Rows: 250,315
Size: 10.28 MB

getting this at the top of each page??

Notice: Undefined index: admin_options_maintenance in /hsphere/local/home/hucknalltownfcforum.co.uk/include/common.php(129) : eval()'d code on line 26


any ideas?

scratched my head  afew times did numerous re-installs deleting databses etc etc

decided to try deleting the style folder and uploding the clean 1.3 one

job done works a t treat  big_smile


As you can see i have a  few issues after upgrade

is this what is causing the problems?

any help much apprieciated

is it not picking up the styles ??


So my end solution for stopping distruptive influences getting on my forum was

stop guest posting (which i didnt want to do)

made new registrations have email verication (didn't bother with the image verication as well)

added myself to the mailing list  so i now receive email from new registrations,then i can personally verify each one(pain i know but it works)

and deleted the newest user info from the index,php.

i'm happy with that (hope that new members aren't put off by all the  palarva!!)

probably a way to modify the code would have been possible but,using mostly features that are already available helped!


Reines wrote:

A temp. way you could do it is add an extra usergroup, call it unverified or something, and set it was the default usergroup for new registrations. If you give it no permissions to post, then you can manually verify them by moving any members in that group to member as you wish.

Thanks for that advice,ive set up as you described above which is great.

I've also  added just my email address onto the mailing list and checked the box which sends an email when someone new registers ,so i not miss any now .

One more thing(lol)

How can i remove the newest registered user information from the bottom of the pages?
because they have resorted to registering with messages in the user name ie

newest user is "Not many post today?"


thanks for the advice

forget that above i didn't check for previous requests to remove the registered user info

sorry http://punbb.org/forums/viewtopic.php?id=7872

did that yesterday but its an ongoing problem,he
seems to be a bit of a saddo and keeps revisiting every couple of days.

Is it possible to maually verify a user before allowing registration?

I have a person who i must have banned 100 times but he keeps re-registering as a new user with different ip's/username etc

ive made the forum only to allow posts by registered users,enabled the email verication etc
but he keeps registering with new addresses ie c@yahoo.com

is there a way?

thanks in advance wink

Smartys wrote

If you had removed everything from your search index first, the backup would be smaller.

i was refering to that.

only "Smartys"have the answer lol


ewe i could kiss you!  lol

how do you empty the search index then?

i'll try that then,

how do you remove everything from the search index? lol

jamie, the poster from hell

you sould send me the db with the empty search index wink

asked them they tried for 3 hours and couldnt do it lol

Still no resolution to this problem tried all the solutions kindly offered to me where do i go from here?

do you want to have a look from my control panel

Warning: fopen(backup.sql): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/pilch73/public_html/plugins/AP_DB_management.php on line 496

Warning: filesize(): Stat failed for backup.sql (errno=2 - No such file or directory) in /home/pilch73/public_html/plugins/AP_DB_management.php on line 496

Warning: fread(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/pilch73/public_html/plugins/AP_DB_management.php on line 496

yes i did

god knows

something about files not found on line 496 in db management

ARRRGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that didn't work.

i give up.(the advice is great though)

my interprtation must be bad !!!!