thanks for your advice, edited the profile.php so noone from now can add their birhdays

but the SQL query you have mentioned is not working in the DB Management plugin, have to manualy edit the entries one by one in my mysql admin right on the server...

one question
how to ban birthdays? to put it simple, I don't want to display any birthdays in the calendar, nor in the profiles, nor in the calendar itself.
Any suggestion, where should I remove the instances for bday? I have tryed already and mixed something up...

please advice

(would be nice, if you could turn this feature on/off in the admin section... like Show Bday: yes/no ... what do you think?)

the reason is, the calendar on my site should feature community events, but since the community is large, the calendar is full of bdays and its hard to find any events there... that's why I want to ban bdays...

elbekko wrote:

$datestamp = mktime(0,0,0,$month,$day,0)
should be
                $datestamp = mktime(0,0,0,$month,$day,0);

ah, ok, work fine now... many thanks...

great work this calendar... oh yeah, respect

same error with mine calendar....

any solution?

andrewteg wrote:

2.0.7 is ok with 1.2.11 ... just open the install file you run and look for 1.2.10 and change that to 1.2.11 and it'll install just fine smile

will try that, thanks...

could not install calendar 2.0.7 on PunBB 1.2.11
error said, only previous version of PunBB can be used when installing this calendar.

any news on when the next calendar version will be out?

minis wrote:
rockblock wrote:

the download link is not working, any ideas where to download it, or when it will be available?

Download here:

great man, many thanks

the download link is not working, any ideas where to download it, or when it will be available?

hello, I currently run the version 1.1.5 on my website and would like to know, what do I have to do, to upgrade to 1.2 ? Is it possible straight away, or do I need to do any other steps, than just upgrading?

ok, no problem, I have to test it anyway... before I can publish it...


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slovak version ready, if there are any slovak guys, let me know, I can send you the lang pack for testing...

(ehm, sorry for the little delay ;-) )

hello everyone
I have completed the Slovak language pack. At this time I am testing it on my own forum and fine-tuning it with the help of the visitors of this forum. In about a week or so the Slovak language pack should be ready to publish.

Where should I send it then, in order to get it published in the Download section?

the slovak forum is located at



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half of the lang file already translated into Slovak... will be ready and testing soon...



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hello guys,

have just installed a version of PunBB on my Slovak site and and thinking of a Slovak languagepack...

tak nazdar...



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Hi everyone,

I have just installed the PunBB forum at the first Slovak le parkour website
have a look at

One question I have: how do I post "sticky notes"?


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