I am not trying to win a fight or anything, is just the mojority of forums that I have been on uses the PM system non stop. And yes it does get annoying... ANyway... Any updates?

Wow! Very cool! Perhaps you can release it here?

I wish i could but the chat room i would have will not include chat room, more like a shoutbox...

But still... Sometimes PM's are good for direct conversation... If you dont have access to a chat room people tend to use the PM system. Because it's simple and easy and with just a few clicks you have sent a message to the other partie.

Can you just make it only admins can rate them... Just to nevigate their wrong doings this way...

Well... Really... There is some tools that are actually always asked, even on free boards. You will be surpsrised how many people actaully want it... One of the common things are the PM system, Sub-forums, and creating premission mask... Anyway... could anyone make a sub-forum mod please.... smile

Thanks for that, but really a PM is something that all boards should have... ANywa it's the PunBB developer's call! Good work again! smile

Cool mod! But how come PunBB doesnt have this feature aready installed? Anyway cool! smile


Cool mod! By the way I installed this mod on a version 1.1.5, even though it's not supporting that version, so far I have no problems with it! Anyway great work on the mod, infact the usergroup is a better mod than the one phpbb has designed! smile


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Isn't the word "Pun" means "playing the word". For example someone could say, "DOnt you turn right, right?" "Is that right for turning of correction?" An english term...

Who is Micheal Moore by the way?

PS: What is with the flood intervals...? 60 secs???


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Wow! It's cool... I wish i had one too... *Looks away!*