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Ok it works,
but i hoped to become some ideas to realize this in php. I`m not a fan of javascript. Although thank you for your proposal.

If anyone has another idea, i still got an open ear:)


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Wow thank you for this fast reply. I will test this right now and then give some feedback:)


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Hi there
I`m using PunBB and love it:)
But i have a little problem with the [*img] tags. If someone posts a picture, 1024x768px, the hole layout crashs because the forum is only 900px. Is it possible to resize an image that was linked within the img tags? And if yes, is it possible to link to the original when you click on the resized image?

I`ve tested something with java but it don`t work. Perhaps it would work with php?
It would be pretty cool if someone have an idea to realize this.


p.s. my english is bad i know, hope you understand what i mean;)