Everyone knows that site is lame.

I haven't run into any yet.  I did use Acronis True Image to make an image of my drive before installing it though, just in case.

It's up on Microsoft's site now:  http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/dow … fault.mspx


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Y'all read way too much into things.  deadram tried to say that all they would need to do is view the userlist, and I responded saying that all you have to do is disable guest viewing and they won't be able to view the userlist.

What good is a username/password challenge if you are just going to tell the person that one or the other is correct?  The person should know both of them, if they don't, then they shouldn't be told when one or the other is correct.


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deadram wrote:

Need I say more?

If you try to view the userlist on my forum, all you see is this:

You do not have permission to view these forums.

Go back


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Sonrep wrote:

When you type in wrong login information, it says that the Username and/or Password was wrong.

My suggestion is that if the username is correct, it should output "Password was wrong" or if password was correct, but not the username: "Username was wrong". By this, people can save time by not concerning if they mispelled its username when it was infact right or vice versa.

Just my 2 cents.

It's a security feature.  You don't want to reward someone trying to brute force login to your forum by telling them that one or the other is correct.


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erick_p wrote:

Thanks. Where can I get 1.3? Or is this not available now?

1.3 isn't available yet, but you can fix this in the current version

see this post:


Here is what my Admin panel shows now:

Operating system: Linux
PHP: 4.4.4 - Show info
Accelerator: eAccelerator 0.9.3


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You mean the "standards", recommended by them.  That is all they are, recommendations.  There aren't any "Standards".


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What are these "standards" of which you speak?  There aren't any "standards".  There are recommendations, there are recommended "standards", but there aren't any "standards".


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Here are the results I got using the newest version of pngout.exe with PNGGauntlet using the "Brute Force" method.



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Have y'all seen this website? (and the software they sell)



I was able to get it to display the version like this:

else if (ini_get('eaccelerator.enable'))
        $php_accelerator = '<a href="http://eaccelerator.net/">eAccelerator '.EACCELERATOR_VERSION.'</a>';

can you share it here?

I tried just adding:

else if (function_exists('eaccelerator_info'))
    $php_accelerator_info = eaccelerator_info();
    $php_accelerator = '<a href="http://eaccelerator.net/">eAccelerator '.$php_accelerator_info['version'].'</a>';

but it wasn't detecting that eAcellerator was installed.  My hoster is using 0.9.3 so I changed "eaccelerator_info" to "eaccelerator" and it does detect it now, but I get a login prompt asking for a username/password to access eAccelerator.  I assume it doesn't like the attempt to read the version #.


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Thank you for the update.  I had noticed it on the download page, but didn't see it announced yet.


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I agree whole heartedly.  These sites act very irresponsibly.  The "people" that report on these sites do so with the hope of getting a little "famous" from it, not to actually help.  If they were doing so to help, they would contact the vendor first, which almost NEVER happens.


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Is that style available for download somewhere?

The solution is to burn more calories than you take in each day.  The body will use stored fat if there is not enough calories being taken in.  You just need the motivation to do so.  Any activity that increases your heartrate is good.  Until he gets his stamina up, just plain walking will help.  Just try to walk a set distance and then increase that distance each week.  Once he has built his stamina up some, try jogging or any other aerobic activity.

Ricapar9x wrote:

Strange... Ones I've worked with had no problem with censored word bypassing.

and those "Ones" would be?

#1, the bypassing of the word filter, that is the same on every forum software I have ever used.  It's nothing new.


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see here:  http://punbb.org/forums/viewtopic.php?pid=29345#p29345

and a few of the replies below that message


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what version were y'all trying to upgrade from?


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glenr wrote:

I can't get the RSS feed to work on 1.2:

http://forum.insidethetrade.com/extern. … p;type=RSS

Any ideas ? Is this a bug ?


found the problem, posted the fix here:


Problem was reported here:


open the following file:


find the following on line #149:

'RSS Desc Active    '    =>    'The most recently active topics at',    // board_title will be appended to this string

replace it with:

'RSS Desc Active'    =>    'The most recently active topics at',    // board_title will be appended to this string

then save the file and reupload it.


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sure, go get some sleep smile


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Rickard wrote:

I would be very surprised if I wasn't able to get 1.2 out today though.


smile just ribbing ya! smile