o ok, thanks.. it's a shame tho.. EE is great and i prefer it over textpattern

i'm also looking for EE Core / PunBB integration

i was just told by the core.web cms team that it's not avail as a stand-alone app and is only offered with their dev services. oh well.. scratch that one.

yea, one of the main reasons i'm asking here is because they're not free. thanks

i'm currently a textpattern and expressionengine developer but am always looking for better/different alternatives. core.web cms seems really promising - esp with their modules - but i've never seen it mentioned anywhere.. anyone have experience with it?

a new package called symphony also seems very promising. anyone have any thoughts on it in comparison to the ones mentioned above?

any news?


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Connorhd wrote:
Tae wrote:

no offense Connorhd but ur the most negative person i've come across here so far.. y can't it just be a request and leave it at that?

sorry, i'm not trying to be negative i'm just telling you the situation, so that you don't get annoyed when no one makes a mod for you...

for future reference, kno that ur response was more annoying to me than anything else. so thanks for ur concern but no thanks.


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Rickard wrote:

Tae: Actually, there's no mod request forum here, but feel free to post a topic at Punres.

ah.. ok, will do. thanks


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no offense Connorhd but ur the most negative person i've come across here so far.. y can't it just be a request and leave it at that?


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well again, i figured that it mite be a stretch for a feature.. a mod then?

(maybe this should be moved to the mod request forum?)


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Rickard wrote:

The problem with subtitles for topics is that nobody uses them. I've never seen an IPB forum where the subtitles are properly used. Hence, I think the feature is rather useless.

so you don't think that my example would be useful on this site?


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this may end up being a plugin request but i'll take a chance.. i'd like to suggest adding subtitles to topics - similar to the way IPB has it. so an extra field between subject and message. to extend it a lil further, it would be nice to have the option of adding multiple subtitle fields appropriate to the forum or subforum. then we'd be able to sort by these fields and/or have check boxes next to each one to turn them on or off from the topic list view.

here's a practical example.. in the mod releases forum here, it would be nice if we had subtitle fields of the following:
+ punbb version(s) the mod has been tested for
+ current mod version (maybe with last updated date)

i believe this would improve usability tremendously by allowing users to scan and sort the topics quickly according to their needs.

i'm also looking forward to this being updated for use with 1.2. rickard's news plugin sounds good too but i really like the number of comments/replies feature here that his doesn't have.

i was also wondering.. would it be possible to have hidden forums (viewable only by admins and mods) that output to the homepage for public viewing with no links to the forums? this would be a simple way to use the forums for static pages - like a very simple cms.

perfect, thanks!

i'm on ipb 2 pf3 - i never got around to upgrading to the release version before they started charging for it. would i still be able to use the converter?

apart from integrating punbb with a cms, is there a way to display forum stuff (such as a list of most recent forum discussions) on pages outside of the forums? like on a site's homepage?


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in the columns for topics and posts, would it be possible to display the number of new topics or posts since last visit and then the total (possibly in different style/color) separated by a slash? for instance, if there were 5 new threads out of 100 and 10 new posts out of 1000 within a forum, you'd see this:

topics         posts
5/100         10/1000

i think this would be a lot more useful for a user than just the totals by themselves.

also, is it possible to easily remove the 'moderators' column? for many, it's not necessary at all and at the very least i don't feel that it needs to be so prominent.