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All of these sites result in worthless, untargeted traffic. I paid for pixels on milliondollarhomepage.com because I thought the idea was original, funny, and had built some buzz. I rewarded the creator for his creativity and because he made me smile.

Other than that, why would I want to pay to advertise on a page thats sole content is advertisements?!

The only other people who will visit the site are suckers who are looking to buy advertising and some curious looky-loos (and they will only come around for the first few months). It's a waste of money if you are actually looking for a ROI.


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Keep in mind, that the buzz for milliondollarhomepage.com will die within 1-2 months.

I bought a small 20x10 pixel ad on the site several days ago, and the traffic coming in from that small ad is about an extra 50 visitors a day. I've made my money back with the ad, but it didn't flood my site with fresh new traffic. I'm sure those that bought pixels earlier on saw better results.

It might be wiser to spend the money on more effective advertising.

Wordpress + punBB integration:



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I've had great experiences with Google AdSense. They pay on time. And with moderate traffic the ads easily pay for hosting and then some.

With about 300 visitors per day and a click-through rate of abour 1.5-2% I bring in about $2 per day ($60 per month, $720 year.) Hosting only costs me $6 per month (and that's for three different sites). That's not a lot of money, but it beats the nothing I would otherwise recieve.

Google ads are the least obtrusive ads I know of. If users complain, then tell them to screw off since they don't pay for your bandwidth.


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I did pretty much the same thing to integrate my Wordpress style into my punBB forum.

See the results:


I got the latest topics to appear in the Wordpress sidebar through extern.php. There is a lot already written on this forum about how to use it.


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I've had a Cafepress shop for my physics site for over a year now:


It doesn't bring in the big bucks, but I've sold over 50 t-shirts with my URL on the front and back. It's pretty good viral marketing.

I just updated my site from 1.1.5 to 1.2.6!

The great news is that punLaTeX still works exactly the same with the newest version of punBB. I'm working on a simple WYSIWYG equation editor to include with a new version of punLaTeX.

This is a pretty spiffy little mod. I fiddled with it and added some buttons to augment the LaTeX support I've built it:


I'm going to attempt to write a WYSIWYG equation editor for the board. If I do, I'll put all of it together and release it as a mod. Been a while since I've been by here. Just upgraded from 1.1.5 to 1.2.6 this weekend!


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So, if I want to print the 15 most recent posts, does extern.php tell me how?



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I believe zaher's mod will post you favorite posts on your home page. If you just want the most recent posts, then look at extern.php that comes with punBB. Instructions are commented in the code.

Hooray! smile

Hmmm. So at the DOS command line, if you type:

mimetex.exe y=\frac{1}{2}

out will pop an ASCII raster of y=1/2? That is what happens if you run mimtex.cgi at the command prompt in linux. So mimetex works. Now how to integrate it into the mod.

Did you try:

<img src="http://domain/path/mimetex.exe?=latex stuff">

I don't know how Windows parses the output of a windows executable in a browser, so we are in territory over my head. I might suggest contacting the author of mimetex. I believe he has a support forum listed somewhere on his site.

I know nothing about Windows servers. But I do know you have to have Perl installed. Go here to get the latest version of Perl: http://www.perl.com/download.csp

The mimetex.cgi included in the archive is compiled for Linux -- it will not work on a Windows server. I assume the Windows compiled version you downloaded is just a self extracting zip file that contains a mimetex.cgi compiled for Windows. Run the exe and out should pop the cgi.


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Costs money to run a site like that. Bandwidth, script support, server space, etc. And as far as I know, they don't resort to banner ads. They have to make money or they can't survive. I offer a forum and other services to physics teachers and students for free. But I have small banner ads that pay for my bandwidth and server "rent". I also probably don't get anywhere near the traffic DynDNS gets. Plus it's a hobby, not a business so I don't expect to make money.

I think there is a site that is very similar that provides the same service for free, though. I don't remember the URL.


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Can't you do something similar to what is being talked about in this thread:



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I have a cable modem and I used to have my eMac set-up as a webserver. I hosted some sites on it, but to get to them you had to type in the IP which is hard to remember and it also chanes from time to time (Dynamic). DynDNS gives you a URL that points to your IP address. They also have utils that you install on your computer that fequently check your IP and if it has changed, update the info with DynDNS.

You do not buy a domain through DynDNS. The $35 is for the service of pointing your domain to your IP. You still have to own a domain (or use one of the free ones as mentioned above.)

Why is networksolutions $30 for a domain name? Becasue there are suckers out there, I guess. A woman set-up my mothers website for her real estate business. Charged her $100 for a domain name and $300 for search engine submission plus $50/month for hosting. A ONE PAGE website cost my mother $1000! I flipped out when I found this out. She's not working with that woman anymore.


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I'm running an eMac right now, and I love it! Apple finally came out with a computer that was affordable and performance is great. Of course, I'd like to have that powerbook back.


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I had a Powerbook G4 - brand new right when it came out last year. The school I was working for bought it for me smile Unfortunately, I had to give it back when I left sad

It was VERY nice.

I moved from Windows to a Mac with OS X two years ago and I've never looked back. I use the nice, intuitive GUI normally, but anytime I want I can drop down to the unix command line.

Of course, Macs ain't cheap.

I'm not quite sure what you're talking about. But you will probably find that tag either in header.php or main.tpl.


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There is a thread around here somewhere about redirected domains. I think I remember the problem being with cookies in IE. Anyway, you can buy a domain for as little as $6.


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Here is a very good mod:


On my board I use more of a hack than a mod. It is not as pretty or as sophisticated as Frank's, but it is simple, straight foward and it works. The discussion is here:



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The PHP and templates are in different files.

I replaced the readme.txt file with the corrected version Rickard sent me.

Sure. But I don't let guests post at all, so I have no prblem with that.