Hi have these paths:

/blog/default.php <- main webpage
/forum/extern.php <- in here are all the forum files and the extern.php

I can't get the extern.php to work.

in my default.php I have added the following:


This does not work, if i put a file inside the blog folder and include it it works but it seems its not working If I try change to a file in another folder.

Can this be due to .htaccess or have I done anything else wrong?


I know the extern.php can display alot of stuff but I can only see how it displays the topic?

I want to have just like the punbb.org website

This is a topc
This is the message it self...bla bla bla
posted date | comments

next message...and so forth...can it be done with extern.php or must I do the rest with php/mysql code?


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Can you guys fix the number formatting on the Replies/Views topics. Let it be 1,445 views instead of 1445!
Should be easy to fix for you experts! wink



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Hmm, punBB or FluxBB...FluxBB or PunBB..."#¤"#¤"#¤%#"#¤%"¤#5


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Is it the same project? Same code?
Or is fluxbb based on punbb code?

I see moderators and other users linking to fluxbb sites?

fluxbb looks to have the same theme as the punbb 1.3 beta!

I think we should have a template contest for the new version of punBB.
The winner gets its template in the final 1.3 package!

This could perhaps bring fourth some nice templates don't you think?


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Cheers m8! But still make it default in the upcoming 1.3 release please!!!


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This is surely a small thing to fix but wouldn't it be nice if the number for replies and read are show as 15,324 instead of 15324?

number_format or whats its called? Don't know how to fix it myself! sad

Looks more cleaner!


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No other suggestions?


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Nah, its not working.

I can include other things like include('include/test.php');
And in test.php it just says echo "test";

that works, but i can't get the extern.php to work?

Any suggestions?


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Don't know, is there any way to see that information?
Is it possible to use /forum/extern.php?action=new&show=10&fid=1 or sumthing instead of the full url?


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Hi, testing the extern.php function...

host files are here:


...and yes, i have changed the www.mydomain.com/forum to the exact path...
the first forum nr 1 is the news forum so it sould show about 4-5 posts...

But i still cant se any posts...

What have i missed?

Cool, thx paul!

I mean the look at the forum posts, simple coloured with rounded corners and the poster info to the right!
As it is today its like table formated and i dont know how complex the code is in punbb to try create phpbb3 lookalike theme...

Is it hard to create a template that looks like this for punBB?

Havent checked out the punbb code yet but i guess its built on tables and i dont know how to convert that into tables with rouned corners like the on i just posted! Looks great!

1. The numbers should be displayed with "," not 14345 views but instead 14,345 views!
2. Make a "Back to top" link or button so you can go to the top fast!
3. Sub-forums
4. Nice statistics page at first admin entrance page!