Show us the lines around 511 please

you could use a .htaccess?

Lol yea, i had ignored it and put the blame on something i had messed up when editing stuff, or a mod i had installed - but if its happening here i guess it's a proper bug

Yea i have noticed that afew times on my forums too, and although not vital - it can be annoying tongue


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CodeXP wrote:

Here's another tweak, this time it's one that everyone should add(?):

1. Open register.php

2. Find, line 80:

else if (isset($_POST['form_sent']))

3. After, add:


4. Save & upload.

The refferer is rather simple to fake, but it's still something to consider just the same.

that will cause problems for anyone trying to register using norton internet suite, installing the image verification mod. (posted somewhere on the modification board) would be alot more secure.


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I'll give it a try, thanks


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Well i have been having some bad hosting experiences recently, so thought maybe i should seek some advice. I have a large PunBB forum ( which has on average 50-150 users online at a time, out of a total of around 3000 registered users.

I was hosted with for awhile, and to be fair the service and hosting was fairly good. I suffered afew DDoS attacks, but continued on there. Around 3 months ago they suspended my hosting with the reason "your site uses too many httpd connections and is causing the server to run slow". I looked around for a couple days, and bought a server from After waiting 7 days for it to be setup, and a further 5 days to aquire extra IPs for nameservers, i moved there. That lasted for almost a month, until one day apache just died, quickly followed by the full server. After submitting a couple support tickets and having them closed my server being fixed, or any explination i gave up there and moved back to ehostpros (who had unsuspended me account after i moved off it). This lasted for another month or so, until they resuspended it for the same reason and told me i would need to purchase a dedicated server off them to continue there (which i don't plan on because they are a rip off). I then tried a server from - this one was setup nice and fast, and looked promising. After a couple days there though i noticed speeds were terrible, the 100mbps port i was paying for was providing download speeds of under 20kbps at times, and even loading php pages was slow. I am still there just now, and suffering from random connection time outs and problems. Also to make things worse i just noticed today that are ranked as the 2nd top offender in

I want to get away from as quickly as possible, but my budget is fairly limited and as i am starting Uni in 2 weeks i will probably not be up to monitoring and maintaining a dedicated server - but shared hosting providers are refusing to host my forums because they are too big*.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated, as i really don't want to end up going from host to host finding each to be as bad as the last ):

* Rank 2 for topics (rank 1 for topic growth) in PunBBig and rank 4 for posts (rank 3 for post growth).


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Are you from Sweden? Google may provide Swedish adverts when they cannot find any english ones, based on the fact that you specified you are Swedish when you registered - I noticed my friend who is Finnish sometimes gets Finnish adverts, yet his webpage is all English.

Sorry i lost the file lol, feel free to delete this post, unless anyone else can find it lying around.

No, you can't.


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i put mine below the announcement box, and make a healthy amount off them.

who the hell has 2 gig of emails anyway? :S im only at about 21mb used, with 2279 emails.

snoogly wrote:

Currently it has a <br / > above and below the content <p>. How can I remove these line-breaks?

In step 9 find

echo '<div class="center"><b>'.pun_htmlspecialchars($announcement['subject']).'</b> - Posted By '.$announcement['poster'].' ('.format_time($announcement['posted']).') '.$announcement['closed'].'</div><br/>'."\n".$announcement['message'].'<br/>'."\n";

and replace it with

echo '<div class="center"><b>'.pun_htmlspecialchars($announcement['subject']).'</b> - Posted By '.$announcement['poster'].' ('.format_time($announcement['posted']).') '.$announcement['closed'].'</div>'."\n".$announcement['message']."\n";

PS. nice skin on your site smile


This mod removes the existing announcement system and replaces it with a system which will read threads out of a certain board as announcements.

##        Mod title:  Announcements
##      Mod version:  1.0
##   Works on PunBB:  1.2.5
##     Release date:  2005-05-02
##           Author:  Jamie (
##      Description:  This mod removed the existing announcement system and
##                    replaces it with a system which will read posts out of
##                    a board as announcements.
##   Affected files:  include/common.php
##                    header.php
##                    admin_options.php
##                    viewtopic.php
##                    delete.php
##                    edit.php
##                    help.php
##                    moderate.php
##                    post.php
##                    profile.php
##                    style/imports/base.css
##       Affects DB:  Yes
##            Notes:  This mod involves removing all calls to the parser and
##                    adding it into common.php, this is maybe not as efficient
##                    as it could be, though it saves alot of work.
##       DISCLAIMER:  Please note that "mods" are not officially supported by
##                    PunBB. Installation of this modification is done at your
##                    own risk. Backup your forum database and any and all
##                    applicable files before proceeding.


Edit: Added in what Connorhd suggested to delete the cache.


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Thanks alot wink


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Ty smile So i can empty all 3 of them?


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Currently my MySql backup of my forums is ~200mb, and i am moving host. Im not sure what exactly the 3 seach tables (search_matches, search_cache and search_words) are used for, but they appear to be by far the biggest ones. Can i get away with emptying these 3 tables to make moving much easier? What would be the result of emptying them?

Thanks tongue

nice touch, i'll give a try later tongue


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cows wrote:

would i want to select use frames with ads by google?

no, punbb doesn't use frames.

chmod your cache directory to 777.


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fixed tongue


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xevz wrote:

it isn't supported in XHTML Strict

ah maybe that was it, i think i tested as loose.


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bug in the validator in that case, i tested it when Smarty's posted that.