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Anatoly wrote:

This should be neutral enough to suit most of possible site styles.
Any suggestions? )

Stick them in /pun_bbcode/buttons/Oxygen/bla.png then do something like:

if (file_exists($ext_info['path']./buttons/'.$forum_user['style'].'/bla.png')
    use $ext_info['path']./buttons/'.$forum_user['style'].'/bla.png'
    use $ext_info['path']./buttons/Oxygen/bla.png'

That way people can add a specific button pack easily to suit their skin, but if they don't it will always have a pack to fall back on.


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I seem to remember someone here (Rickard?) said that removing the copyright notice in the footer was okay, as long as the one in the source remained and you didn't add your own. They have added their own at the bottom of the page.

GPL wrote:

I want to get credit for my work. I want people to know what I wrote. Can I still get credit if I use the GPL?

    You can certainly get credit for the work. Part of releasing a program under the GPL is writing a copyright notice in your own name (assuming you are the copyright holder). The GPL requires all copies to carry an appropriate copyright notice.

I am not sure if just carrying it inside the file still for fills that or not, I'm afraid I don't know the GPL very well.


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Epiphone wrote:

SF it. They are very limited though, and not as nice, but they are surely light weight.

PunBB was started about 5 years before that wink


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Epiphone wrote:

Why did PunBB make their software? They could have just developed plug-ins for more...

No they couldn't, PunBB is much more lightweight tongue


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The way you have intergrated is creating (badly) invalid html, but what is causing the problem is this style sheet, for your main site is also affecting the forums, which is what is causing the box to be resized.

Edit: Die matt replying while I'm typing mad

Well that is only a guess at the problem, though you would need root access to the server to sort it out, much more than just admin of the forums.

Another option could be that the email settings are wrong in your forums settings area, normally all the SMTP options should be left blank so that it uses the internal mail() function.

Do you mean for this forum, or for your own forum?

The most likely cause is the mail server on the server is configured wrongly, is it shared hosting or one you have control of?


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Looks like your MySQL server is either down or configured wrongly. Are you trying to host it on a server you own, or is it shared hosting?

It means you don't have the BC Math module installed for PHP.


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lol it's a company selling a commercial project as well, not just some kids site.

headbuster wrote:

Do I have the permission to go and spam a little in their forum

No let the owners do as they see fit.


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Link? What is your site about?


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Like the Karma mod?


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Have a look in the error file on your host and see what the error is.

sirena wrote:

Oh, and look at the query count too - I am now seeing **27** queries just to view this.

What happened to PunBB = fast and light?

It just seems to be some sloppy coding in pun_hook_navigator. It manually queries o_hn_list_visible from the config table every time it wants to check if it should display a hook or not, rather than using $forum_config['o_hn_list_visible']. Easily fixable.


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Version of what? I'm sure there will a Chinese translation once 1.3 final is released.

Check the bans table? Sounds like someone banned a slightly broader IP range than they should.

This can happen when your clock (or timezone) on the server has changed. The flood control checks that time() - last post is greater than, in your case 0. If the last post happens to be in the future (for example the servers clock went back a few hours for whatever reason, or for some reason your last post field in the database has been set wrongly) then it will fail and say you need to wait 0 seconds.


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As MattF said, this used to happen though I'm pretty sure it was fixed a while ago hmm

Keep in mind 750px can only be center aligned if the users screen resolution is over 750px, if they are using anything smaller it will look bad.


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It's likely the way that the hacker achieved Admin access to the forum.

You would need more than admin access to the forum, to edit the lang/language/index.html file.

Sirenic wrote:

Is there a way how


Sirenic wrote:

by a simple click? x.x;


You will need to make a PHP script to do it I think. You could run 1 SQL command, but it would change everyone's password to the same thing... I guess that might work as you could then mass email people telling them to just recover their password to get a new one (and that way no-one would know the "main" one).


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Maybe your ISP throttling bittorrent? Pretty much all ISPs in the UK (except Entanet) do.


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The error means either you have the wrong hostname entered in the config, or the MySQL server is down. Double check your info, if you're sure it is correct, try checking that the actual MySQL server is actually up and running.

o_base_url is in the config table for 1.2, you will need to remember the clear the cache afterwards though. For 1.3 it is in config.php


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twindj wrote:

and why not?

I tend not to trust mods made by other people, and especially if it is one allowing uploading of files as any bugs could result in huge security issues for your whole site. I would also rather keep uploading seperate then if any problem did occur it would only affect the uploading site and not the forum too.


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There is a mod to allow it, but personally I wouldn't recommend it.