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Most people hate when people post a huge image and it makes the thread scroll.

Just wanted to thank Connor for the awesome mod.  Installed fine on my forum running 1.2.5 (after modifying the $punbb_versions array in mod_install.php of course smile).


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middleground wrote:

Looks great...but what caught my attention was the "dover", and you're from mount wolf. I am located in dover, pa- not far down the road if I'm not mistaken. Two punbb fans in the same county?? Conspiracy I say smile

Wow, small world!  Yeah, I'm from Dover, PA and you're right, Mount Wolf is right around the way (in Manchester).

hcgtv wrote:

Nice, very cleanly made. What's the header image of?

Goatse cookies. smile


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So last night I decided that I was going to convert my phpBB board to punBB.  We've used punBB before but we somehow ended up back with phpBB for a while.  I didn't get a chance to install any mods or anything but I think it looks alright so far.  The style is based on Sulfer.

What do you think?


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I don't think he integrated punbb with wordpress (sharing of users, comments, etc.).  I think he means he created a style using the default wordpress theme (Kubrick).


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Widell wrote:

When upgrading u must write over all file right? Or am i stupid? smile

Then all mods and designchanges are gonna go lost?

Dont get it really.. I'm new with this..

There's upgrade instructions in the archive (docs/install.html).. and yeah, all mods will probably be lost.

Thanks!  That did the trick.

I'm having a little trouble getting rid of a gap between .postleft and .postfootleft when I added a border-right to both classes.  I noticed a .clearer in between the two but I'm not sure if it would be wise to get rid of it.  Any help would be appreciated. smile

Here's a pic:

The url is http://www.dovermafia.com/forums/ if you wanna peep my source.


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Let's see if I can explain this..

I added a few forums before I noticed that I never renamed the test category.  So I renamed "test category" to "general" and then all of the forums that I added disappeared.

I'm running 1.1.5.