Hello friends,

Just wondering if there is a better .net version of PunBB Fourms app (idealy .net 3.5).

I found one at http://punbb.informer.com/wiki/punbb.net/start. However, it looks like that it can not function very well.

Thanks a lot!

hcgtv wrote:
Vbird2k wrote:

Are you guys interested in coverting it to WAP? I can give you what I have done. (I am too busy to continue.)

Can your work moving PunBB towards WAP be applied towards the PHP side of the project?

i don't know. i am not a php person.

Hi, friends,

Your .net web site project version works fine. However, it won't integrate well with existing web aplication. I tried to convert, but there are still some issues.

Are you guys interested in coverting it to WAP? I can give you what I have done. (I am too busy to continue.)

alexp wrote:

Making PunBB.NET easy to integrate with other applications is one of our purposes. But unfortunately right now we don't have a version that can be integrated with existing application without any changes...

I actually modified almost all of them except the Default.aspx. I had a compile error, saying

the name "MainGridView" does not exist in the current context.

And, I could not use Convert to Web Application to convert this page either, although I had no problem to convert other pages.

Any ideas?

Thanks again.

alexp wrote:

You can find all the statements in Install.aspx.cs starting from line 253

It worked now. Many thanks.

alexp wrote:

I have just tried to download it and run using MS VisualStudio 2008. Everything works fine. Can you please describe in more details the way you do it?

I added it to our existing web application. Probably that is why. Do you have a version that can be added to web application?

Moreover, the database entities shown in the wiki do not have details, such as string length, etc. Do you have a detail one, or do you have the sql statements and we can just run them?

Thanks a lot.

Hello, friends,

I download a .net version PunBB, however, when I tried to run it using vs.studio 2008, I had a compile error:

Error    96    The type or namespace name 'ProfileCommon' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)   

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot.