How can one add links  to be seen by signed-in users only?

I have not tried your suggestion Utchin but what about the password field? My guess is that PunBB encrypts the password somehow. And what you may insert may not be what PunBB expects.

Hi all!
I am an Asp.Net person but would like to use PuBB 1.3 for my forums in one of my sites. It is already using ASP.Net membership. I need to get PunBB to read the authentication cookie so users don't have to sign in twice (When moving from the main site to the forums). The problem: although I have good experience with and MS products, I have never written a  line of php code. What is the simplest way of achieving SSO in this situation. Both my app and PunBB will be running on the same second level domain but on different third level domains:
e.g. and

I have considered using the .Net version of PunBB but it is still in its infancy and many features are missing.

Any pointers will be appreciated.



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I love! but very many features missing as compared to the php counterpart: WYSIWYG editor, BBCode, Avatars..Smilies to name but a few.

Just wondering whether PunBB themes can be used with