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Ok, it's all finished now! I'm working on a PM system right now, and I'm just about done the integrated news system. Sign up if you are interested in Stalker game. http://campstalker.com


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PunBB.Pieklo.Net, Ja tez jestem polak. Ja by moglem pomagac, ale nie mowiem po polsku tak dobzre. Ale ja wiem PHP i mySQL dobrze. Jak jestesz z interesowany, prosze z contaktuj mie.

Email: zapada@gmail.com
ICQ: 108802111
MSN: zapada@gmail.com
AIM: zaphx90

...Looks like you are using phpBB...


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PunBB 1.2 rocks! I'm so glad it uses CSS!


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Yeah, my bad lol. 1.2.


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Behold, my PunBoard!


This is version 1.2 dev. The reason I decided to go with 1.2 dev, even though there will be no support for it, is that it's almost fully CSS, with very few tables. As my site being 100% CSS/xhtml, this is a big plus! I did some slight modifications to the breadcrumbs, nav bar, and topic viewing. I plan to mod this board some more to fetch news for the main page. (unless of course rickard beats me and releases the usergroups, then there will be no need.)

Thank to all the PunBB staff for creating such a great board, and helping me out!


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Ok, that's fine with me, I will just modify the headers and stuff to fit my upcomming S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl fansite. Everything will be connected with the forum database, including news, news comments, files, polls, etc. I love how this forum is so simple! I just glanced at the PHP code, and it will seem rather easy to mod! THANK YOU! I will post the url when I get it all done!


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I was looking for a simple message board system that's easy to skin, and I came across PunBB. Why isnt the PHP code and templates in different files? It would really make skinning this forum much easier. Any clue what I should do? Thanks.