Am working on the same project and we just installed a fresh copy and it still persists to display the same error...

Quick response much appreciated  tongue

Right sorry for the really rough explanation of what i'm trying to say, im working on a radio website and i would like for when the djs that have permission they can access the control panel(where you connect to the audio server go in main chatroom etc.) through an external link on the homepage, i have got as far as setting up an external link on the homepage and then only making it visible to the certain user group(My Radio Station » Administration » Start » Forums), but what my main question really is all about is that how can i make that page (/vip_panel.php) ONLY visible to djs that have perssion are logged in, because at the moment you can simply just type (/vip_panel.php) and it will take you straight to the page.

The page needs to be as safe as possible as it will have password on there for servers etc.

Any help would be highly appreciated!
DJ-Confusion wink