Scripted wrote:

If you are an owner of a company ... I don't think you would consider "vi" for your software development IDE.  Because it wastes time and money.

Well, this is not really correct. I own three companies, and each of the developers I pay may consider and use vi / vim, emacs, and similar applications.

In real world situations, the editing capabilities especially of vim and emacs surpass Visual Studio and Dreamweaver by multitudes, especially if your are working on web application development, and - like I do - work in areas where development is heavily driven by specifications.

vim and emacs really show some shiny abilities when it comes to working of templates, snippets, and all the like.

I have been allowing Dreamweaver and Visual Studio in my companies, but we dumped those ~ 2005 after two projects where we relied on vim and co, and discovered that the workflow and time consumed was less.

Just tried it. Works. Successfully converted 3.5k of news posts from an old system to nicely formatted forum threads smile

Just grepped my way to the solution and found the add_topic function. Gonna use that, and see how it goes.


I am new to PunBB, and very satisfied with it so far. I already noticed there is extern.php for syncing content to the outside, but is there something similar or any API for creating topics/posts from external applications?

For a project I need to insert topics into a forum, and was wondering if this will need to be done via SQL or if there are any functions for that?