Slavok wrote:

What browser are you using? Check this in the browser options.

The one on this forum works only on my own site doesn't...

mstrjack wrote:

Do you have javascript enabled?

Where do l check that from?


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very nice..  good work..


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Smile icons dont apear on 'Quick reply to this topic' l have installed pun_bbcode didn't work.

Please help..

Parpalak wrote:

Use pun_bbcode extension.

l am l installed it 10 time does BUTTONS dont appear..

Can u pls send me a link u recommend

Ian wrote:

i dont understand please add some more details

when the members write Quick reply, l want the smiles eg: smile to be there to click just like the picture...



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Veryyy nice thank you big_smile:D:D:D:D

can anyone help me on … e-msg-bar/

Hi guys l really need help in adding smiles and adding img button on the message bar...
l have search but couldn't do it..

l am using

PunBB version
PunBB 1.3.4
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