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bizarre... your link here DOES work when I try in my php feeder or in the above rss widget.
Mine gives error: ARAY

Could it be the subforums plugin that is causing it?
With or withour htaccess and SEO makes no difference...


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This is my rss (you need to be logged in, use demo / demo )

=> please remove the stars, this is because I don't want my site to be found by SEO (private site)


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v2px wrote:

I use it like this:


You can see the problem If you look at the source code of the generated feed smile

Can you be more specific? I have posted the same problem in an other topic.

RSS feeder does not work in many readers!!!

It seems that the rss feeder gives probs when reading with many scripts.
If I try it here (or many other rss widgets) it gives errors.

And in IE or FF it works fine.
What could be the prob?

It's not so clear what to do :-/
Should I paste this code in the index.php?


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It would be great to have the bugs out of the subforums extension or have it integrated in punbb. I think it's a basic feature. And very needed.
Would it  be an option?

idea: how can I put a bookmark by a categorie? That would help a bit...

Thanks for your quick reply !

Maybe that's also a possibility, but no.
I just want to have a direct link to a category.
And when I link to that, It only shows that category (not the others). (in phpBB there's a possibility like that, but I don't like phpbb)

That way I can give english users on my site the link to the english categorie.
And french users the link to the french categorie.


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another prob: the message count shows 0 on the frontpage (not in the subforums.

I would like to link to categories,
f.e. english, french, ...
So that I can show some users online 1 categorie in their language.
Is there a link to a categorie?


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If only I knew that earlier :-D I just finished tweaking in CSS :-)
The link on the punbb frontpage is wrong then! Please adjust, it could help ;-)

It seems the 1.3 styles and the 1.2 Spink styles are totaly different.
What is the difference, and how can I make it work?


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I've found a bug :-/
It's not possible to enter a forum description => it erases the forum... roll


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Thanks ! Works great.
Only the info text doesn't show. But that's a minor prob.

I use subforums, becasue of the lack of real categories. You cannot select the categories by url, they are only informational.