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Maybe by calling them from the templates ? That's usually how software like CMS (like Textpattern for example) do it, since it's the only place where everything come into places.


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À propos d'OVH ? Non dans l'ensemble c'est bien, leurs petits mutu sont vraiment pas chers et tiennent la route. Après, on a ce que l'on a payé, personne ne fourni un service de 5Keuros annuel pour 15 euros annuel c'est clair.

Edition: grmbl de charset


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OVH est bien...


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You might just use one rule. For example, take the least permissive one.

Having a very fine granularity of user groups has another advantage, it's easier to integrate punBB in another software (like a CMS.. well a good one, because very few of them handle granularity privileges).


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I agree with Rickard. I do see a lot of people crying over PM, but the email is built for this kind of communication. Why remake the wheel is the one produced is inferior to the old one ?

And I'm not even talking about the fact that when you use 10 or 20 forums, that's 10 or 20 places to check for private messages... argh.

The one thing that might be good for 1.3 is a perfected read/not read threads system. I'm trying to figure out how the 1.2 system works, but he don't seems flawless.

The HTML code produced is awful too...  it looks even worse than SPIP big_smile


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Paul75 wrote:

voila, j'ai installer le forum tous a l'air de marcher hors des que je clique sur admin, il me met ca :
An error was encountered
Error: Unable to fetch table status.

J'ai le même problème, ça vient du fait que MySQL n'aime pas les noms de base de données avec des points (.) dedans.

C'est un problème connu, d'autres logiciels PHP/MySQL l'ont eu. Voir le pourquoi, et comment le résoudre ici: http://www.dotclear.net/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=449


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C'est un newsgroup, il te faut donc un client usenet (ou une passerelle <eb-usenet, mais plutôt un client).

Essaies Thunderbird, gratuit gpl et on le trouve en français. Serveur : news.free.fr


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Demande à Rickard la place que prend forums.punbb.org ça permettrait d'avoir une idée plus précise, et effectivement c'est une question intéressante.

Yes, indeed. I missed it when I searched for a solution, thanks. So I will wait for the next release.

I have downloaded the beta from dec 02 , and installed it as the manual say.

After I complete filling the form of install.php, I got this error :

An error occured on line 1240 in file /home.nfs/shadowfr/www/forum/install.php.
PunBB reported: Unable to create indexes. Please check your configuration and try again.
Database reported: Access denied for user: 'shadowfr@%' to database 'shadowfr' (Errno: 1044)

If I try again, then I got this one:

An error occured on line 410 in file /home.nfs/shadowfr/www/forum/install.php.
PunBB reported: Unable to create table punbb_bans. Please check your settings and try again.
Database reported: Table 'punbb_bans' already exists (Errno: 1050)

The tables are created (17 tables) at the first try.

My host is www.ovh.com, the PHP config http://300gp.ovh.net/test.php , the Apache Modules http://300gp.ovh.net/infos/apache.cgi . The database is MySQL 4 (4.0 I think, not sure).

I've told punBB install script to use the mysql 3.2/4.0 database, to use punbb_ table prefix, and I've double check everything else (others scripts, from Phorum to IPB and Textpattern, SPIP and others work without troubles).

It's a beta bug ? It's a problem with my host ?

Just to be sure I just installed punBB 1.1.5 on the same host, same parameters : no troubles.


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PunBB may be the only forum software to use semantic html (by the way of xhtml strict, in this case), and this is why we love it. Semantic html is a LOT easier to write, to maintain, to handle, and way more efficient and bandwith saving.