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Solovey wrote:

The better browsers will display it as real Unicode rather than % encoding, but urls should be issued in % encoding (http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.urlencode.php). This is the right way to do this rather than stripping accents etc.

No it's not.

Or, to be more precise, it really depend on the context: the language, the application, the website, etc.

For example, the Wikipedia way of systematically using % encoding is the right way. It's a very simple point of entry: you want the article about ?Jérémie?, you add this to the last part of the URL and it works.

On the other hand, it render the URL unreadable by human and by some older machines. For a forum software such as PunBB, for French, I can clearly state that romanization is the way to go.

And it works for all languages.

Nope. There's a huge, colossal, phishing issue about unicode URL. Some characters are almost impossible to distinguish (and that's by a expert, there a large amount of characters the general public won't identify as non Roman), and it's right now a real security threat. It has to be solved, and it will be, because there's no ground for a pure basic English only domain names and URLs; but we're not there yet.

And there's also an issue with human interaction. How would I go to punbb.org/??????????? with my azerty (or qwerty, or whatever) keyboard? Yes, the general public Google it, and almost never type an URL by hand. But I would say no to ignoring an issue and lowering usability to the largest common factor, as a web user I _demand_ to keep my own usability.

Only older browsers will actually display this as %bla.

I doubt Firefox 2 qualify as an old browser, just to point one example.

And remember that domains & URL are used by UA, not just browser. Google bot is an UA for example, and wget, and zillions of similar tools that have very few in common with a web browser as you may know it.

Google correctly indexes both real unicode and % encoded URLs in the index, so you get SEO power with URL rewriting even of non-ascii URLs. Google then displays them as real unicode in search results.

That's good. But I think it's a minority right now.

As a user, I would advocate such encoding in the future, but I think it's counter productive right now. If I want to buy a TV spot for jérémie.fr, I *know* it will create some confusion and dispersion, and I *know* that I will have to buy jeremie.fr or someone will steal my prospects.

Also, the official word from Google is to use _ instead of %20 (space) in URLs, so that should be done too.

Google doesn't design web standards. The W3C does, and the RFC. I don't know what the standard is, and I know that if it exist it need to be perfected to handle pishing, human error, and human usability.

The other way is to support an optional numbers only URL rewriting scheme

The only right way of doing this is allowing every single one to choose what URl scheme they want. And PunBB 1.3 does this already with its extenstion system.

Here is a scheme that words for all languages:

By definition, this doesn't exist. let's take it apart:

) lowercase

Nope. In some language, the same word with or without uppercase doesn't mean the same thing. If you want to advocate the "right" thing, and the "future right now", then respecting the language is the only way to go, and that mean going all the way.

Lowercase is the best option for the current romanized scheme yup. But that's it.

) Strip stop words (can be obtained from any localized search list for any language).


Again, stop words may be useless, in the way, for some applications, but may not be in other cases. You is a stopword, youtube agrees.

Again, there is no ?one rule to rule them all?. Each one, if competent, choose what's best, and can hook into PunBB to make it work that way.

) Replace space with _ and then get rid of double _

From a pure, very basic seo point of view that's nonsense. Google sees - as a word separator, not _.


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Smartys wrote:

I was referring to your old config file, not the one that was generated.

Yup you're right, the 1.2's file had indeed no cookie name set.

My bad, my humble deepest bad wink

Hopefully, some people would look into the Mediawiki bridge thing some of us talked about.. well 3, 4 years ago? smile


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Smartys wrote:

Did you delete the cache file after that?

Nope I didn't. It worked smile

The result is fine. The update seems to have worked.

So, it seems those steps should be covered by the update script.

And an unknown cookie_name? Do you not have it set in your config.php? hmm

Iirc, the update script gave me the new config file, and this field was empty (I didn't touch the new config file at all during that test).


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The same would apply to > and <; these are the only three entities in xml I believe.

I wonder how this is handled in URL? Romanization into ?-??


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Rev 1507: I've tried the db_update tool (with charset convers disabled, since it's a 1.2 utf8 database), and at the end when trying to access the new install, I've got a ?There is no valid language pack 'Francais' installed. Please reinstall a language of that name.? error. I've tried editing the o_default_lang field of the config table to ?English?, same error (yup, the same).

Apart from that, I got at the end of the db_update script only this "error" : Notice: Undefined variable: cookie_name in MyPath/db_update.php on line 1113

Also, one thought: ?Current character set: If the primary language in your forum is English, you can leave this at the default value. However, if your forum is non-English, you should enter the character set of the primary language pack used in the forum.? This could benefit from a link to the documentation, explaining charsets and the ones used

Nope, all the real ones with PHP have the PHP 5 version, since PHP 4 has been discontinued for two month now. If one doesn't provide anything but 4.x version, they shouldn't call themselves an internet company.

quaker wrote:

how about a tiny url mod.. this seem more doable since most hosting companys dont allow url rewrite....

Most hosting company allow it.

And all the good ones do.

There are several coding solutions, but in my opinion it's a very minor issue unless you switch your URL scheme.

Why would someone publish a link to yourforum.tld/ASpecificThread when your scheme says yourforum.tld/booze-categor/uber-forum/a-specific-thread (or whatever)?

But if this is an issue for some, maybe it could start as an extenstion?


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Smartys wrote:

Some people aren't familiar with GMT, especially in the US.

Especially since GMT isn't used anymore, it's UTC tongue


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Yes, he knows smile


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Mpok wrote:
Jérémie wrote:

I will very probably do French.

@Jérémie : the official support of PunBB in French (and provider of the french language pack) is Punbb.fr.

I kinda know that punbb.fr is a support site for PunBB, and a source of 1.2 French language files. I better know that, since you are basing your 1.2 translation on my extensive revisions & corrections of the original French lang files.

Ur welcome to contribute if u wish...

Well, since based on your homepage all I do is giving Pun users bad advice that will break their Pun install (still waiting on that, by the way) I think I will do my own, thank you very much. More important, I have higher quality standard, and haven't got the time to walk you guys through writing unicode texts again, or explain French typographic and syntax rules; it's just faster to do it right the first time.


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Rickard wrote:

According to the RSS 2.0 standard

There is such a thing? Since when? Where?


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That will be quite complex, since any extenstion can add or rewrite the URL scheme to add for example virtual folders as needed. I can't imagine a single simple, fast, elegant solution to rewrite on the fly the html produce on this field with new relative URL; but maybe the dev will have one smile

As I can see it, this is not a bug, it's a small inevitable byproduct of the clean URL thing.

Since the field require HTML writing, assuming the guy who write it have at least a basic understanding of URLs, relative and absolute, is not s stretch in my opinion. As long as it's explained in the manual, since that's an issue easily overlooked.


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As far as we know, the only timeline is the regular one: when it's finished.

But if I were you, I would wait...


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Maybe this should be explained in the manual?


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Smartys wrote:

you can't unsubscribe from a topic that doesn't exist.

If the thread is deleted, the subscriptions are deleted too?

elbekko wrote:

I've never come across anyone who doesn't know what the home key does.

I do. But I'm not sure about the back to top link thing.

Couldn't the debug mode be also turned on from the admin panel? For a quick check from time to time, that might help.


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Jarkko wrote:

If you make a new red theme, you need to make a new arrow image because the one in the oxygen style is blue. It's a minor pain in the butt. Although that applies to all of the new style images.

Yup that's the only good argument I've seen against graphic arrow. However, I'm sure Paul with provide with a gray version, the source; and I'm confident someone will create some kind of snippet to generate one with the appropriate color with one click.


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liquidat0r wrote:

I think that that would be going backwards.

Something like PunBB isn't done when there's nothing to left to add (that would be vBulletin), but when there's nothing left to remove.

I reckon that the reason these fields were first implemented (not into Pun, but in general) was because people had them in their sig.

Nope it's not. I've been around at those times, and people using signature for IM contacts were a minority (and I mean, a 1 to 100K minority).

In any case, the idea behind a signature is simply to sign your name.

Not in a web forum, nor in a newsgroup post, nor in email. Even yourself didn't sign your name (unless your mum named you liquidat0r, in which case, I would suggest this is ground for a law suit).

You don't put all your contact information next to where you sign your name (say in a business deal) ... you'd put that sort of stuff on a business card (or in the case of a forum, your profile).

A sig is a public profile of sort... it's a small space where you put something personal, from your phone number to a random famous quote to an image (ahem) to whatever... it all depends on where the sig is used, when, by whom...

And yes, I'm pretty sure you are a minority tongue

I have no problem with that, Pun users are a minority after all.

Jarkko wrote:

The problem is, it's difficult to implement if you want to do it properly.

No it's not, I did the job, it took me ten minutes while watching TV. The only scope of this was the English PunBB's language pack, nothing more.

It requires a function that converts at least " " and ' ' to the quotes of your locale, e.g. ? ? and ? ?. It should make sure you can still write possessive forms properly, e.g. "Rickard?s" instead of converting it to "Rickard?s", and probably lots of other stuff as well. I've seen at least Wordpress and even some word processors do this wrong, for instance.

Try Textile...

But that's not what I'm talking about here.

But hey, I was only trying to help, I personally very much don't care since I will do my own language files. Take it or don't.


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I would agree, but unfortunately I'm sure we're a minority here.


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When you open a html page with five consecutive div, that's semantically bullshit. On the other hand, I rather have 5 neutral, meaningless tags like that and an efficient (I didn't say nice, pretty, slick, or whatever... efficient, in every meaning of the word) layout; it's trade off OK by me.

I'm pretty anal about the html source, but Paul has done a good job with PunBB (I wouldn't have chosen tables, but that's a 50/50 here). Pun is (or was not so long ago) the only forum around with strict HTML validation and semantically reasonable source, and that's it main strength.


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Jabber is the only open one, it should be the last to go.