Corp wrote:

1. The numbers should be displayed with "," not 14345 views but instead 14,345 views!

That would require localization.

Rich Pedley wrote:

A lot of people get it wrong all the time.
... is not the same as an ellipsis ? if memory serves. The first is actually - full stop, full stop, full stop (or period period period).

Yup we know. Ellipsis (?) are in the current English lang pack.

What I was saying is: if one uses ellipsis and not ..., why not use ? instead of ' for example. It's exactly the same thing.


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elbekko wrote:

Face it, people copy and paste things. They couldn't give less of a rat's ass if it contains an ID.

I don't. And I do, in fact I use it several times a day to help me navigate.

Yes, I'm a minority. So what? I have rights! I want equal treatment!


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That would be a midway solution, people needing tags and attributes not handled by the light parser would use an extenstion to allow Textile, HTML, or whatever.

Jarkko wrote:

I dislike the idea of "fancy" quotes... On Finnish boards for example, no one uses the real ?Finnish quotes?. It would make the board look messy with  "fancy" and "fugly" (for lack of better term tongue) quotes together. Or if you do it the way Rickard said, it would mean more lines of code for such a simple (and useless) thing. (To convert all "stuff" -> ?stuff?)

This is strictly a matter of international English one. When you localize your board, you can choose whatever is appropriate for your language, and your forum. For example, ? ? ? æ ? × «» ?? and non-breaking space will be extensively used in the French one, while I'm sure pretty different one will be used in the German, Russian, or Farsi one.

As for the international English default PunBB lang pack, I don't see why it would make the forum messy. Does it make books messy? Or cheap newspaper (which use both true, and false, typographic glyphs)?


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Smartys wrote:

wants to have valid XHTML knows enough to fix any mistakes they make? smile

The first point is absolutely wrong. Apart from selected professionals with a brain, nobody want HTML or XHTML valid code, and nobody want the opposite either, they don't know what it is and they don't. And yet, they all need it.

It's not the job of the average forum admin to know or care about these things, it's the job of the software and applications maker.

The second point is also absolutely wrong. The field say: ?Board description (You may use HTML in the description)?. It says nowhere, nor does it even hint about it, that the string one enter there needs now to be XML proofed ir it will break things.

I think you should either educate the user (read: the one installing, and the one administrating) about what not to do here, or handle it yourself.

This is not under the scope of an extenstion, I don't understand how could it be. The user just want to enter a board description, why would he needs an extenstion (and how will he knows he needs one?) just because he's installing the ?Best things in life?A Wine & Cheese community? forum for example. Removing the htmlspecialchars in the first place could be an extenstion on the other hand, because if someone knows what cite, acronym, or anchor tag are, he may be ok with going the extra step installing and extenstion for it.

Aren't username case sensitive?

Anyway, the best collation depend on your language. If your forum is in Farsi, Swedish, French, Spanish, or others, the collation isn't the same. Look at the utf8_ collate available, if your language isn't one of them utf8_general_ci is probably the best one for you.

You simply need to alter it for your database:


for example,

and then the same for every table, like

ALTER TABLE `pun13_categories`  DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci

And then, maybe row by row (where it's useful).

Much simpler to set it up at the database level, then install PunBB.

If it's necessary, a better one would be for Pun to remove those finals by itself.

PS: a useful, meaningful, subject would also help smile


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There's one issue with not escaping: if a beginner admin has illegal glyphs in its simple forum's description (such as &, >, <).

A beginner won't know the xml error (or html validation error), or if he does where it comes from and how easy it is to fix. And a simple description doesn't require HTML.

The best way of fixing this would probably to check for HTML tags in the description string, if there aren't any do a htmlspecialchars. Or have a HTML/no-html checkbox alongside the description field.

However, if this is too far, too complex for PunBB ?simplicity?, it needs to be covered in the documentation (?use named entities instead of forbidden glyphs?), and probably hinted at setup and in the backend.

Rickard wrote:

My main issue with apostrophes and quotes is that if we use the "fancy" versions in the language packs, we need to make sure that they're also used in posts.

I don't see why... you use ellipsis in the lang pack, yet everyone use three-dots inside posts. Same as non-breaking space.

It's not a big deal, in my opinion.

That means translating computerized versions either as the post is inserted into the database or right before display.

Noooo, it just means installing Textile big_smile


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Myself, I liked the current arrow. It's slightly too visible/prominent, could be a little less saturated, but it's ok. And a big improvement of the 1.2 » (French closing quotes).

I sent a svn patch to Rickard about this last night, but it seems it would be better to discuss it here.

In revision 1412, there were several minor issues in the English lang pack.

The less-minor one: ellipsis are used throughout the lang pack, while three dots are used in some places. 1428 addressed that, I don't know if it caught all of them (the svn diff did). On one occurrence, the ellipsis didn't have a space before it too, that was corrected.

The second one: apostrophes. The English lang pack use the computer, straight single quote ' instead of apostrophe ?. Beside the typographic ease of reading of the correct one, it also makes the lang pack easier to read and write: no more \', just ?

The third one: double quotes. The lang pack uses double straight computerized quote ", instead of the English opening ? and closing ? double quotes. It's very minor, but I was correcting the first two, I could throw in this one too for free smile

One I didn't touch was the use of the numerical entity for non-breaking space & #160; instead of a ?real? non-breaking space. While the real space should be slightly shorter in bits, and sometimes easier to read in the lang pack and the html/xml source; the entity is easier when one need to spot a non-breaking space. So it needs to be considered.

Another one I didn't touch was the use of non-breaking space for reading ease, such as before ellipsis (to avoid the ellipsis being sent away as a widow for example), because I thought this should be considered before.


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elbekko wrote:

I'd actually prefer something like this for the arrow:

U+279C     ?     Heavy round-tipped rightward arrow

If UTF-8 is in anyway, why not use it? smile

Is it included in most (really MOST) default font used by OS&UA?


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chuyskywalker wrote:

- "URL Scheme" needs waaaay more details -- what are the various schemes mean? A few examples of the resulting URLs would really help

On the other hand, it's quite easy to try one, then another, one, etc. Just one click.

- if you set the SEF url's to on, and .htaccess isn't working right, it's very difficult to get it turned back off (going to the non-sef url version of the options page has you trying to submit the new option changes to the SEF url which fails.) Need some kind of "Bail me out of SEF" button

The fastest way is to have the crude-url version of that page bookmarked. But maybe a link/button would be easier, yup.

- SEF Folder should use "safe" html names in the URL instead of numbers. IMO, /forum/1 is not much more useful than /forum.php?id=1 -- neither tells a user much of anything about the url. Search Engines don't much give a rats tookass about ?id=NNN anymore so that point isn't valid any longer -- it's all about user experience with "SEF"'s. Silly name for them these days.

This is in: try the "fancy" setting.

- "Allow new users to register. Disable only under special circumstances." I'll disable that whenever I dang well please. I suggest removing this "warning".

You are not everyone. The English is very, very slightly, rude, but other than that it's a safe warning for newbies.

- "Allow registration with banned e-mail addresses." why this is allowed by default, I do not know. If shouldn't be.

Yes it should. If one is banned, and get a "this email is banned" error, one will simply enter another dummy (hotmail or whatever) email address. While with this, at least the admin can catch up on the dumb banned.


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Tested in #1412, I can change the password or the email without any issue.

In rev1408, at admin->categories page, I got this:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ';', expecting ')' in /home.10.16/dorem/sous/pun13/admin/categories.php on line 54

SuperMAG wrote:
Meowmeow wrote:

1.3 > 1.2

explain a little .. this is a discussion not a vote

Search a little, this was discussed and explained and compared and debated dozens and dozens of time.


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I'm guessing you don't need screenshots from Opera, FF, IE, since they are the basics?

SuperMAG wrote:

why should i change from 1.2 to 1.3 ... Advantages / Disadvantages .. just wanted the review of people ... and staff afcource ...

Right now: no advantage.
When it's final: everything.


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Jérémie wrote:

All external window (such a BBcode help, and so on) open in a new tab and not in a popup. Strange, while for example the Textpattern admin ones do. I'll get you the code tomorrow, since I was the one asking for this in the first place wink

Ok, one practical example, this is the code used in TXP:

On the link:

onclick="popWin(this.href, 400, 400); return false;"

And the js function:

function popWin(url, width, height, options)
    var w = (width) ? width : 400;
    var h = (height) ? height : 400;

    var t = (screen.height) ? (screen.height - h) / 2 : 0;
    var l =     (screen.width) ? (screen.width - w) / 2 : 0;

    var opt = (options) ? options : 'toolbar = no, location = no, directories = no, '+
        'status = yes, menubar = no, scrollbars = yes, copyhistory = no, resizable = yes';

    var popped =, 'popupwindow',
        'top = '+t+', left = '+l+', width = '+w+', height = '+h+',' + opt);



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I will very probably do French.


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I think that's because it is the way it's supposed to work: all server are UTC time, the Pun admin timezone setting is just a default (hence its name) for new registrations.


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Uh ok, if you *have* to put it this way wink

Chicken tongue


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Rickard wrote:

What this means is that existing language packs are useless in 1.3. When the time comes for 1.3 final, it would be great to have a few additional languages available for download on the website. We would however appreciate if you could give us a few more days to tidy up some of the language files before you start. The new admin language file in particular, is a mess at the moment.

Feel free to tell us when the English language file is final, so we can start the translation to have them ready before 1.3 final smile