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Smartys wrote:

You can't, that's the point: we enforce a minimum length.

For the username registrationyup, but I don't see why the username *search* has anything to do with the username minimal length?


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And if I want to parse by all author starting with the letter a, how could I without "a*"? wink

Also, it doesn't trigger an error, it's a silent one.


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Ok, I'll do a first pass on the beta, testing from scratch. I was going to open a thread per item, but it might be too much for simple things.

Note: PHP 5.2.5, MySQL 5.0.44, Apache 1.3.x, FF Win32

Install part 1: for English impaired, it would be nice to have at install a language selection (if the appropriate lang packs are uploaded).

Install part 1: ?More information regarding support for particular versions of each database can be found in the FAQ?, "FAQ" should be a link to the FAQ.

Install part 1: Line 125, Column 18 in HTML: reference to non-existent ID "fld6".

Install part 1: ?Administrator's username: Enter the username of the forum administrator. Usernames can be between 2 and 25 characters long.? Should precise that any unicode utf-8 character is ok.

Install part 1: ?Administrator's password: Enter then re-enter the forum administrator's password. Passwords must be at least 4 characters long and are case sensitive.? same as above, and should specify the maximum length. A warning about security (choosing unique, random, difficult, password) might be useful for beginners.

Install part 1: base url : for some reason, on my setup, the auto detect always add the trailing slash (always has since the early commits of 1.3). Why not do a simple check to see if there is a trailing slash, and if so strip it?

install part 1: maybe the install should say something about database collate? It doesn't seem to set it up itself, so a reminder to the webmaster to set it correctly would be nice.

Profile / avatar: the Upload file field is ?(Required)? yes, but the first impression is that it's the avatar that's required by itself.

Footer: there's always a [ Generated in 0.025 seconds, 8 queries executed ]-like string in the footer. I didn't find any setting to turn it off. Is it specific to the beta, or do you intend to have it on all boards?

Powered by: the ?Powered by PunBB? on the top right of the page, is that really, really, necessary? It should be easy to edit out, but why put it in? And it's even the first content in the source... hmm

XML feed: on forum view and on thread view, the ?Atom Feed RSS feed? string is a bit prominent. Don't get me wrong it's a very useful tool, but let's face it, most people don't know what this is, and don't want to know. Why not two small, discreet, icons (since you already use an image)?

Forum title: in <div id="pun-title">, isn't a link to the forum home. I think most people would expect it to be.

Clean URL, folder based scheme: like (not same as, but close) before the rewrite was done in PHP, multiple sub folder doesn't work for me. /admin/options/registration/ doesn't work, while /admin/censoring/ does. If someone can confirm it works fine on a vanilla Apache 1.3, then it's my host setup (I'm not using my own box for this test).

Admin, feature: ?User has posted ? option could be checked by default, couldn't it? It's nice to have, and if someone has high load he will look by himself for things to tune, more likely than the other way around.

All external window (such a BBcode help, and so on) open in a new tab and not in a popup. Strange, while for example the Textpattern admin ones do. I'll get you the code tomorrow, since I was the one asking for this in the first place wink


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Search: if I start a search for ab* for example, I get the error ?You have to enter at least one keyword and/or an author to search for?, while abc* is fine. I'm wild guessing this has something to do with the min-word size of MySQL index, but if so the error is wrong. On the other hand, searching "abc* -de*" does not trigger an error, and does work the way it's suppose to.

Search: if I search no keyword but author a*, I got an ?You have to enter at least one keyword and/or an author to search for.? error. If I search a keyword, and the author a*, it return me every author (a* is not taken into account), however ab* is.


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Then why would I give away my personal and social life to make them money?

I have emails, phone, forums, websites, blogs, IM... I don't see what's the point of facebook. But that's just me... go nuts yourself if you like it.


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Uh... right.


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In 1.2, there isn't a php string length function applied to subjects?

Anyway, it will work in 1.3.


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mirturk wrote:

I will be waiting you.

Facebook? Uh. Do we get cash for joining?

Wouldn't that be more of the scope of an extenstion?


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I think majors changes are happening right now, but I may be wrong.

Either way, I doubt Paul will commit to a stable stage until the beta (or even the RC) is out.

And it's a closed source product, iirc.


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It's definitely not Phorum.

All you need is the knowledge, and it seems you have it all.


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Don't forget the future tickets, that will be opened at the beta stage roll

SuperMAG wrote:

if you still dont beleave that it has nothing to do with it then fine its not my problem but let some one else make a punbb mod for this

No one is stopping you.


SuperMAG wrote:

as i said its not only .html

In fact, it's not at all adding .html to any URL, since that extenstion is irrelevant and absolutely, totally, not helpful with Google & co.


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Yup, in fact you're right, I was mostly wrong.

It make some sense for MySQL to handle these glyph in a specific way, but the end user shouldn't have to read the MySQL manual to perform a search (not that I'm now against fulltext in 1.3, the old system was slow, resources hungry, and bugged).

I don't have time to test several configuration of MySQL, but I'm sure there's a way to have him behave nicely.


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Ahemm.... none? hmm

If I have to choose, I would say the last one.


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You just did.


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I didn't specified it, but yup I have 5.0 branch support for almost all my servers/domains: 20 to a little over 40 (depending on how one would count).

It's still only one thread on the English speaking support forum, so it's not the general Pun's admin population. But, still... PHP4 is out, and MySQL 3/4.0 seems to be out too.


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It's been over a week I keep getting error from punbb.org. Mostly MySQL connect error, that doesn't last long. Looks like either the MySQL server is way too busy, or there's some network issue between hosts.


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In Western Europe, OVH


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Rickard wrote:

Weird that they're running completely different MySQL versions on different servers big_smile

A lot are. Especially since MySQL changed its password() field handling (at 4.1, I think) and it was a support nightmare from what I hear.

To start, there's also the excellent SpinkBB.


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pheldens wrote:

Mysql fulltext search is neat, it has some halfdocumented quirks though, some common signs like - and & are not counted as characters belonging to words

I don't know a language where these glyphs are part of the alphabet, do you?

- is a word separator, and & is here a logical operator. It make sense to me that they behave differently.

(my word was "Ki-Duk" it didn't match with word length 4 (default) but it did with wordlength 2, I searched with "Ki-Duk" (with the quotes) so it should have matched with 4ft world length, but - isn't treated as part of a word)

Again, to me, it make sense.

But I'm guessing it should be possible to ask MySQL to behave as one need.