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Guys I have a question cause I have to start a new forum.
Since punbb has no updates for years, how last version is about vulnerabilities?

@Visman a moderator said me that now he can't edit also his own posts!!!
Could you please fix the code?

Thank you very much!

You are so kind thank you. smile

I don't understand where to add this code sorry.
I suppose the file is delete.php, but after which line?

Is there a tiny change on the source to disallow moderators to delete posts/topics?

Is there a way to log moderators activity?

Ok but this permission I think is a basic permission that shouldn't be missed.

Yes but sometimes they do as their brain tell to do... :\

Title mad

Is there a way to add custom bbcode without creating an extension?


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bump tongue


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I'm trying to edit the height of the top bar that has the title+description but without success.
I think it is #brd-head.gen-content. I written so:


It doesn't change! Any help please?

How to remove quote link under each message?
My users spam it also when it isn't necessary.

Trace wrote:

try to add in .htaccess:

AddHandler application/x-httpd-php54  .php

If I add that line in the .htaccess I get 403 error forbidden...

            <div class="frm-buttons">
                <span class="submit primary"><input type="submit" name="submit_button" value="<?php echo ($tid) ? $lang_post['Submit reply'] : $lang_post['Submit topic'] ?>" /></span>
                <span class="submit"><input type="submit" name="preview" value="<?php echo ($tid) ? $lang_post['Preview reply'] : $lang_post['Preview topic'] ?>" /></span>
'Submit reply'            =>    'Invia risposta', // For submit button
'Submit topic'            =>    'Invia discussione', // For submit button

This is my code and i see no space.
The excessive space is also on this official forum.

could i see your site?
i have not found the unnecessary space..

How to have only facebook like button?

not interesting?

Is it last punbb version?

Fixed myself, if anyone want to know the id is:

.ct-options, .ct-options a{color:#fff;}
.content-options a{color:#fff;}

It's a good spam wink
Already reported.

Guys, I don't know if you ever noticed this.
The "Submit", "Submit topic" and "Submit reply" text on the buttons are not aligned on the middle!


Is it normal for you?

The url is not enough? main-head and main-subhead has not a regular border :S

I changed it succesfully thanks!!!!!

It's a little issue on the Send button in quick reply, and it is present also on the default Oxygen theme. The "Submit" text is not perfectly aligned to the middle. It's too more on the left.

Don't work sad