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So if I understand correct: to keep your mods just make the changes shown in the HDIFF manually and thus upgrade to 1.2.3.?

Something went wrong with modding 1.2.2 into our forum.

After running the install_mod.php and uploading the modded files, we cant post anymore?
When submitting a post or reply, IE gives the general error saying "page can not be displayed".
You dont get a database error orso.

Can anyone help?

great wink

Miles wrote:

............... but I'll get around to making a bugfix and adding PunBB 1.2.2 support to this mod this weekend, I promise tongue

How was your weekend? big_smile

yup would be nice a nice mod!

looks great!

Too bad... thx for your reply!

I made an extra user group called "super users" who can view the super users section. 

Anyone knows how to give a specific "moderator" acces to view the super users section?? I only know how to give all mods permission to view that section. But I dont want all mods to view that section... roll

Cause with the user group system you can only make more groups based upon a "member", right?


nice wink


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Rickard wrote:

Hmm. Which file did you download?

the 1.2.2. zip from the download tab

I only manually made the indicated changes to the files, did not run the installer. Then it works fine with me.


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Yup thx Rickard.
I finally found the topic about it: http://punbb.org/forums/viewtopic.php?id=6460

Strange I did not get the updated script, when downloading the package this morning.

But everythin is fixed and running now!


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Hey guys, its done. We've got it to 1.2.2. PM system works to. Thx go to connor, rickard and m0j0 for helping out!
I already noticed the forum is FASTER then before! Superb

Cheers dark


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deleted all files in /cache and it worked... Superb.. thx

erissiva wrote:

cows- Open up "install_mod.php". Change where it says "1.2.1" to "1.2.2"...That simple. The rest should be the same.

In that way it works for 1.2.2? roll


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I have run the query but the error is still there.

Notice: Undefined index: o_additional_navlinks in /usr/local/psa/home/vhosts/debateroom.com/httpdocs/forum/include/functions.php on line 271

Maybe try try install the PM system for 1.2.2????


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Thx Connor for quick reply! I'll try it out.


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Hey all,

Anyone can help?
Upgraded to 1.2.2. After the upgrade from 1.2.1 to 1.2.2. I get this errormessage above the forum.

Notice: Undefined index: o_additional_navlinks in /usr/local/psa/home/vhosts/debateroom.com/httpdocs/forum/include/functions.php on line 271

and this I find in adminoptions under additonal links:
<br />
<b>Notice</b>:  Undefined index:  o_additional_navlinks in <b>/usr/local/psa/home/vhosts/debateroom.com/httpdocs/forum/admin_options.php</b> on line <b>468</b><br />

Also, outside links do not open in a new window?

Greetz Dark.

there is one for the PM-system too wink


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Very good! Thx Connor!


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Alright thx... I quess your right.
Well give it a go on sunday. Ill let you know


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Great thx wink

1. Our forum runs in a I-frame in the main index.html. The search engines run in the same index.html, but are not related to the forum in any other way. So that means yes too!
2. The poll-mod and the PM-system have made changes to the database. You mean that is no big deal, except for some useless data being there? Maybe, if I know which rows to delete, I can delete them anytime in the databse with PHPMyAdmin?
3,4,5. Ok thx!


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Hey all wink

Just wanting to let you know debateroom.com is finally also going to upgrade to 1.2.1 next week!! Rickard and his team have done a great job on developing 1.2 and the new mods. So we gonna try it out!

Since Iam not experienced with php and upgrading forums, Im a little anxious to upgrade. Step 2 about deleting everything seems quite harsh lol. I have read the install and faq a few times now, seems to be a few easy steps, clean and simple. The main thing is to make a back up of the database and FTP files, if anything might go wrong.  I think (if everything goes well) we can upgrade from 1.1.5. to 1.2.1. with a downtime of about 15 to 30 minutes. First to 1.2.0 and inmediately afterwards to 1.2.1.

But I want all our users to know how and what, so would you correct me if Im wrong here?
1. Only the forum on our homepage will be down during upgrade, the searchengines will be up and running.
2. All current installed mods, styles and additions will be burried alive while upgrading.
3. After upgrade we have a fresh 'basic' punbb 1.2.1. without mods, with all included new features and styles.
4. All current posts and users are saved and transported to the new forum.
5. If anything goes wrong I can put everythin back to 1.1.5 by just uploading the old ftp files and upload the old database with PHPMyAdmin.

Thx for your reply!

ultime wrote:

I am also working on a version for 1.2.1. Should be released later this week.