I would like to request a hook be added to the add_user function in functions.php. This hook would allow extension developers to modify the alert email that is sent when a new user registers. Two examples of when I needed to do this:

  1. I wanted to include the username in the alert email subject, e.g. "Alert - New registration by SomeUser123". The reason for this is when I have multiple users register in a day, Gmail's threading feature will group all these emails into one thread, which I don't want. Making the subject of each email unique (by including username) will prevent this.

  2. In my IP Geolocation extension I wanted to include the users geolocation in the alert email. I was able to do this with an ugly hack, but a proper hook would be much preferred.

Here is how the hook would look (line 1883):

Thank you PunBB developers for your consideration.


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Millennium wrote:

Installed v1.4 10/30/12 at 11:09 PM and I just "got one" tongue
Sofar very good to have this smile

Please keep this alive big_smile big_smile

I've actually stopped maintaining this, since the Fancy Stop Spam extension has more features and is supposedly supported by PunBB developers (though I received no response to an issue I posted about a month ago). Unless you're running a Postgresql database, I would recommend switching to Fancy Stop Spam.


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I am trying out this extension on a forum running PubBB 1.4.2 with a Postgresql database. The extension installs fine, but when I click on the Antispam section in Administration, I receive this error:

Sorry! The page could not be loaded.

This is probably a temporary error. Just refresh the page and retry. If problem continues, please check back in 5-10 minutes.

On another forum, same PunBB version, but MySQL database, I don't get the error. I am guessing this extension is not compatible with Postgresql? This is with fancy stop spam version 1.3.52.

UPDATE: It seems the problem is due to this extension using the MySQL function INET_NTOA in the print_logs() function, which is not available in Postgresql. sad To fix I added an inet_ntoa function to postgresql by executing the following on my database:

create or replace function inet_ntoa(int) returns inet as '
select ''''::inet+$1;'
language sql immutable;

Version 1.5 released. Users geolocation is now included in the new registration alert email to administrators.

I posted a release of my SFS Antispam extension in the 1.4 additions forum recently, and I just noticed it is gone. I never received an email or PM about this either. If I violated some rule of the forums I'd at least like to be made aware of it. Is it the policy of the moderators here to remove posts that were made with obvious good intent and not even notify the author?


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KeyDog wrote:

@Justice (or any other ext developer)

Would be cool if this extension could be adapted/updated for 1.4.x

At the moment it seems to cause problems on 1.4.1 (as per this report)


The extension has been updated for 1.4, and can be found here. Please let me know if you have any problems with it.


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Achile wrote:

Hello, I want to put a logo in my forum header but I met this error message when I wanted install it:

IMPORTANT! The extensions listed below were found in the extensions folder but are not available for install or upgrade because the errors displayed below were detected.
Loading of extension "logo" failed.
Element extension/hooks/hook has content which does not end in PHP mode.

I'm in 1.4.2 version

thanks for help

To fix, in manifest.xml on line 326, change


to this:


Thanks to the author for a great extension!

Newly released for PunBB 1.4 (original version here), this extension will display the geographic location of users on their profile to administrators. It determines the geographic location based on the users IP address, using the free geoPlugin web service.


  • ver 1.5 Now includes users geolocation in new registration alert email to administrators.

  • ver 1.4 New release tested with PunBB 1.4.2. Added a small Google map of the geolocation, and a credit link to the geoPlugin website.




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It's been awhile since I checked in here. KeyDog, are you still using this extension on 1.4.1? If so, I'll look into including last seen information and specifying whether the match was on IP or email. I need to upgrade my forums first (I'm still on 1.3.6). Hopefully the process isn't too painful. wink


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Huuuze wrote:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: http_build_query() in [forumrootremoved]\profile.php(653) : eval()'d code on line 19

I just received this error when I tried to submit the spammer's details to SFS.com. Any idea what's up?

PS: I was surprised to see that a Chinese spammer made it past my reCaptcha extension. *grumble*

The http_build_query function requires PHP 5. Are you running PHP 4? I didn't realize PunBB supported PHP 4, so I didn't worry about using PHP functions that were introduced in version 5.


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dimkalinux, this extension is looking quite nice. Do you plan to add a way to enter a SFS API key and report spammers when deleting them? That would make this the perfect antispam extension in my opinion. smile


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Millennium wrote:

Back to my other first question;
When installing these addons how will it reference it since no other scripts are changed?

The way the PunBB extension system works, it examines the extensions directory for valid extensions with a manifest.xml file. Any it finds will be available to install through your forum administration. More information can be found in the wiki here.


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Millennium wrote:

Must? Is there a problem with this version?
I thought this was the latest working, not beta thingy so I chosed that.
is 1.3.6 better? if so, why?

I didn't mean to imply that you should not use 1.4, but only that most third-party developer extensions have not been tested to work with 1.4 yet, and there were some changes to the way extensions work in 1.4, so you're kind of in uncharted territory if you do. Hence my recommendation to use the PunBB developed extension. smile


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dimkalinux wrote:

Justice, look at http://punbb.informer.com/forums/post/141826/#p141826 or found us on our IRC channel if you need help about PunBB 1.4.

Thanks. I have read that thread, but I don't see any information about what changes are needed for extensions to be compatible with 1.4. Will these be documented somewhere?


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Millennium wrote:

I'm about to test this extension in PunBB 1.4
We're having so much spammer in there so I need this even though it ain't tested with 1.4.

I wonder though, when this is installed isn't there supposed to be a reference to this extension anywhere?
No other scripts at all have been changed so how can the system know about it?

I know it's a nutty question, but I gotta ask 'cos I'm curious tongue

If you must upgrade to PunBB 1.4, then I would recommend using the PunBB Fancy Stop Spam extension. It seems that the PunBB team is encouraging people to use their in-house developed extensions, and as far as I know, they have not provided documentation for extension developers to update their extensions to support 1.4.


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SiCo wrote:

I get an error after installation of the latest version (just downloaded) in the functions file:
Parse error: parse error, expecting `')'' in punbb\extensions\sfs_antispam\functions.php on line 2
It's because of the default argument time() I didn't think you could use a function as a default argument?
Running on php v5.2.11 and v5.3.0, has anyone else experienced this?

Right you are. I didn't get the error on my local environment, but saw it on one of my servers. I'll get a new release out today.

Just curious, are people using this extension and happy with it? It does everything I need, so I'm going to be winding down development on it now. Thanks to all those who provided feedback!  smile

EDIT: 1.4 is now up, and fixes this issue.


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rbma wrote:

In sfs_add function, registered value should be the current timestamp. A spammer that registered 60 days ago and got reported today would not be listed in "Blocked spammers" report due to pruning based on the initial registered timestamp.

Well the field is called "registered" and I intended it to store the date the spammer registered or attempted to register, so that's why I use the actual registration date. But I suppose I could just rename the field to "added" so that the current timestamp will always be appropriate.

rbma wrote:

In "Blocked spammers" report, apply html encoding to the outputted data.



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Version 1.3 is up and includes bug fixes and some new features requested by KeyDog and rbma. See changelog and screenshots for details. I have not done extensive testing on this version, so please report any issues you find.


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rbma wrote:

In manifest.xml, please advise where this setting 'o_sfs_search_email_addresses' is evaluated and executed accordingly.

Ah! I misunderstood your question the first time. I thought you were suggesting that people wouldn't want to utilize the feature.

And you are totally right, I somehow forgot to add the check on that setting, so currently it is searching on email addresses whether you want it to or not.  sad My apologies, and I'll have it fixed in the next version, along with the other requested features.


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JanMichaels wrote:

I thought the question was reporting back to SFS from their own listings?  Sorry if I misunderstood.

Yes, we are talking about automated reporting to SFS from their own listings. I was given the same answer ("Don't do it") when I asked the question directly, referencing my SFS Antispam PunBB extension thread here. So they've made it pretty clear (to me, at least) that it violates their ToS.  smile


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rbma wrote:

I may be wrong, but I don't see this setting "Search e-mail addresses" being utilized.

Really? I use this setting because I want to block registrations from those using listed email addresses as well as those using listed IP addresses. Do most people only block by IP?

Or maybe the way I labeled the setting is unclear. To clarify, if you leave it unchecked, then this extension will only search the StopForumSpam database for a registrants IP address, and block the registration if there's a match. With the option turned on, it will first search on their IP address and block if there's a match, but if there's no match, it will then search on their email address, and block the registration if there's a match.

I will admit that I'm far from an expert on this subject, but doesn't it make sense  to search on both?


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KeyDog wrote:

The problem with that: If a spammer is human or not hitting a honeypot, he'll only have 1-2 entries in the sfs db. Some people have code rules to require a minimum of 3-5 entries to block a spammer. If you have IP and email of a known spammer, he's a nuisance/danger for your site. The quality and certainty regarding spammers would increase if they were reported, imo.

I completely understand where you're coming from, but after asking about this over at the StopForumSpam forums, I have learned that reporting spammers just for trying to register, with no actual proof of spamming, violates their Terms of Service:

Any automatic reporting to StopForumSpam.com that is simply relying on other DNSBLs, without an actual witnessed incident of spamming (be it profile linking, signature linking, or message), will result in:
1. Suspension of the offending user account.
2. Addition of the user account data (user name, IP adress(es), and e-mail account), to the database here (filing a false report is spamming our forum).
3. Removal of all contributed records from that user to our database.
4. Whatever other punitive actions that Pedigree or Russ wish to levy, without restriction.

Some additional quotes:

Zaphod wrote:

The spammers must actually complete an act of spamming to your forum to be reported here.
Usually determination of spam requires human intervention, so seeing the automatic part in your script, is a warning sign you may be violating ToS.

Wizzle wrote:

Have to second that.
Automatically reporting spammers on a live forum is a very bad idea. Any risk of reporting an "innocent" is too much.
Now, if you mean, a new member was flagged, reviewed and then "one click" report. That's kool, and very useful too!

So I think that settles that. No automatic reporting of blocked registrations (to SFS at least).  smile


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JanMichaels wrote:

For my spam blocking service it is appropriate to send the blocked signup back to me as I keep an "All Time Spam Activity" score for each spammer submission's IP, username and email, and it helps me build statistics on the current activity of a specific spammer.  This also helps me determine if I can deactivate an IP as an active spammer after a certain time period of no spam reports. 

The way I see it, a "spam report" is just that, a report of spamming. A blocked registration cannot be qualified as spamming, regardless of whether or not their IP address or email address is listed in the StopForumSpam database. Your spamming service may have different rules as to what constitutes spam, but since my extension utilizes the StopForumSpam.com service (as indicated by the "SFS" in the name) I don't feel it appropriate to add such a feature to my extension.

That said, this is open source. You are welcome to take my extension and build upon it, and release your own StopArticleSpam extension if you wish.  smile


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KeyDog wrote:

Great added features
One thing that might be of value: instead of admin getting info of blocked spammers
1. directly report the spammers to the sfs database so that it's really up to date....
2.  log the attempts stats in the admin section of the board

Thanks again...

I agree #2 is a good idea, and I'll look into it. But I'm not sure about #1. Is it appropriate to report someone to StopForumSpam when they haven't actually spammed our forum yet? Is this common practice? Would like to get more people's thoughts on this.


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I noticed I was getting a lot of blocked spammer email alerts, and realized this was because the spam lookup was being performed before some other validation, such as the pun_antispam CAPTCHA validation. I just updated the extension to version 1.2, which uses hook priorities to ensure that the spammer check only occurs after all the other validations have passed.