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KeyDog wrote:

nice job with the multiple forum interfaces.....
the multiforum manifest.xml deserves it's own post under 1.3 additions or extensions.... I think....

It's far from finished, the quick jump menus etc aren't shown correctly yet. But I haven't had time to fix it yet, so feel free to alter the code and upload the new versions smile


(4 replies, posted in PunBB show off)


Just showing off ;-)

I've given our game http://www.dolumar.com/ a new forum:

All these forums run under one source, the URL just defines which categories to load. We've written our own plugin for this, which is freely available here: http://en.forum.dolumar.eu/extensions/c … nifest.xml

The only thing you have to do to is define FORUM_MULTIFORUM_FORUM in config.php, based on what forum should be loaded. For en.forum.dolumar.eu, for example, we define ('FORUM_MULTIFORUM_FORUM', 'en');

Plugin is unfinished (admin panel doesn't work properly yet, ...), but maybe someone can use it nevertheless... or finish it? wink