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Finally something moving out here!
Thank you very much punbb!

semperverus wrote:

Use the Stop_Bots extension and put some really good questions in there that takes a human parser to understand. Something that couldn't be answered using google, but would be easy for anyone to answer (like, "What language is this question written in?")

This is fixing the problem, i checked it myself.

topo wrote:


the Remember Me Checkbox doesnt work.
When clicked or not both times i wont be logged out after i close the Browser.

Tested in Firefox and Chrome

Best Regards,


Well I checked up what's you just said, and it's works fine for me, in Chrome, i logged in then closed the Browser, open it enterd the site and i am still logged in.
check you Browser cookies setting.


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Thank You very much !


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Hey Arty, i will try to explain my self,

some languages are wraiting from right to left.
such of arabic, parsian, hebrew..
I want the theme to be from the right to left.
how it's look like?
here is an example:
this is punbb with right to left theme, as u can see all the tables are starting from the right

can u do such thing with ur theme??


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can you do that right to left theme?
mean RTL ?

in Which language its develpoed? i mean the basic interface, not all the grafics around.

There is lake of help here as i saw,
try to check the unicode, at the translation file also in the mysql admin, be sure is ur language on unicode.

Really stil without any real answer??

It's root to ask from any skin developer here to make defualt team rtl??
please it's the only thing who stop my project


that will be awesone, the other version was more easy to do, this one is hard.


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Very Proud on punBB !

Outstanding! thank you very much

Hey i need help with the new theme !
how do i edit the oxygan.min.css  to right to left. with the new theme.
i got the right to left css from the 1.4.1 version but there is new theme now and i want it.
any help?

Wow this is tarrific


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I am at the middle of the hebrew translation to this version, but what about the templete any way to get it rtl? (right to left)
because i dont have much knowladge in css. any help?


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jeddenton wrote:

Okay and you've based this assesment when i havent even released version 1, therefor you are unable to see the modifications i have made, The SimpleBB website itself is running punBB as it is a stable release, I have not released version one of simpleBB. I am still developing it! SimpleBB version one is based on punbb i make no secrete of it but it will also be very different with our own development goals.

For example, version one will allow mobile users to navigate to your site, they will then be taken to the mobile version of your site.

Also easily add advertising in a few clicks aswell as an admin function to add analytic s tracking codes so you can easily track whats doing well and whats not.

Please, i respect your opinion but atleast wait for the first release before you judge it!

Look at my register day to punbb community, untill now i just saw people like you with very good ideas and very good intantion but in the end they closed the project they made very early, because every one thing it's easy to make such a great forum system like punbb very fast. so you will add your own modifications and still, couple weeks after i will get massage "Google worng adreass" or  any other massage that show the project died.
except the good ideas your project need soul, i hope you the best and i'll keep tracking the development. maybe you will be the first who honestly speak the true and wanted so much.

good luck again!


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Hey , to my opinion i think is very lame thing to do, as much as punbb growing up fast those days.
i wish you luck with your project but still punbb is punbb and the Original is always better then the copies.

Well 3 weeks from now i have final test in C, it will include almost everything except the "files" thing.
I need site that can learn me from the beggining everything. and will include some excisses for practice alittle bit.
please help me!!

and there are still updates on 1.2* but 1.3 already out, how is that?

Well i have to say it's beautiful.
look's very defrent since my last visit here.
I translated punbb hebrew version and i'have to say it's wake me the need to translate the new version either .
Well so i should start by now,

Have a good year and good night to all, :]
Glad to back. big_smile

Kind of confuzed.
There is no option to change Ecodeing on the forum files?
i have to take the change on the database tables?!

well, took me a time to figure the installation.
i just download the 1.3.4 and during the installation he told me to download the "config file" but when i click to download he downloaded me the "install file".
afther some searching here in the forum i found the "config file" i edited him the way i need it to be.

well, i thought i finish with the problems and now i can just start translate the system.
but another problme apper.
I created categories and forums. but when i try to go main forum page i see zero forums and zero caterogries, i try to look up at the search section they are ok.

what sould i do?


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Look's Great!
there are no option to download them right now?? tongue