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I'm currently still running 1.25. How would I go about updating to 1.2.8?

I installed a lot of mods to my 1.2.5 installation, so just reintsalling a fresh copy and pointing it to the database is not an option.




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To bring up a super-zombie post, I have a question about this.

My forum is rather active, and new users register every day or almost every day. However, every once in a while, a user will send me an email about how he or she registered, and cannot log in, and cannot re-register (with the same email address.)

The user also does not come up in the User List, but does come up in the Users table. If I manually change their user_id from 32000 to, say, 4 (which is regular user, I believe) will anything mess up? Should I insert any values into their activate_string and activate_key fields, or will those auto-fill once the user logs in for the first time?

thanks in advance,



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Wow, thanks. I'm without a keyboard rightnow (using the on-screen) but will try this very soon. Thanks!



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I'm running the site on OS X 10.4 Server. That counts as *nix, right?

I have a few mods installed (polls, PMs, calendar, etc) some of which affect the base installation/db (PMs) some that don't (calendar).

And what's 'patch'?




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is there a way to 'upgrade' my installation without having to redo everything? 'cuz it's a pain in the butt to have to reinstall everything for a .0.1 update.



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Wait, if I manually apply the changes form changeset 208 (there's only three?) myself, that's in essense updating to 1.2.6?

The reason I ask is because I have a lot of mods that I don't want to reinstall once I replace those files, and not like I even remember where I made what changes. . .



He's since forced them to switch to a Linux server, and everything's gravy.

Boo Windows. smile Go Linux and Unix. (And Mac OS tongue)


I'm working on a PunBB installation for a friend, and he signed up for a GoDaddy account. They have their own wacky permissions settings (I can't ssh in, and can't change them through FTP) which are "Read      Web      Browse      Write      Set Root      Reset" and each has a check mark.

Does anyone have any experience doing this? I'm stuck on the " Error: Unable to write configuration cache file to cache directory. Please make sure PHP has write access to the directory 'cache'." prompt.

He should have went Linux.. ><


Is there any way to install the 2.0 version and not have to re-upload all the images?

I have about 75 images uploaded by different users, and really don't want to have them re-upload everything.


Maybe have it go into the 'old' category, and then move what I have to where it belongs?



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Man, I hoped this day wouldn't come... ><

I have a plethora of mods installed (as you can see for yourself) and don't even know how to start on this..

I'm backing up my databases as we speak (since when I slacked during the 1.2.4-1.2.5 update, my forums got 'sploited and deleted) so that this doesn't happen again.

So, from what I can gather, I'm installing a fresh copy of 1.2.6, installing the mods, and pointing to the old db?



I've almost completely redone the site, it's worth a look now. smile

Also, the 'road forks you' is a joke from the Simpsons, iirc. I'm not a full-blows Simpsons geek, so I can't quote the episode, context and character for you, but the phrase has caught on. I used it because our guild was loosely based on communist beliefs (I guess Marxist is more accurate).


I was looking through the styles, but couldn't find what I was looking for.

Right now, on the homepage, the left-hand menu is a box/inbox div just like any other div. However, I would like to make it a 'menu' div, but cannot find the proper tag for it. What is it?




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Well, I finally got my shit together and put in a few solid hours of work into the site.

It's based completely on PunBB; I installed many mods to it (Calendar, Image Gallery, Polls, Private Messanging, etc.) and made them not extensions of the forum but actually part of the site.

I'm very happy with the way it came out. Now, if I could only somehow intergrate iStrip as well as eqDKP into the site... big_smile

The Iron Curtain


Okay, after a little playing around, this is what I came up with. The front page is based on the template with custom php includes for a few applets.

I'm happy with the way it came out, thanks for that link.


Great link Connor, I'm working off that template right now. It's so much easier with HTML and CSS for me.



I've been using PunBB for almost a half year now, and am amazed at its capabilities for such a small, light forum. I've been thinking about a site redesign for some time, and with some awesome themes I found I figured why not just make the whole site run off the forum.

Now, the site itself really is all forum. That's what people come for. However, the font news page, as well as a few others, act as just static informational static pages.  I know I can use the forum to generate static pages if I just mess with the code a lil, but thein lies the problem... I don't know PHP from a dead cat.

Can someone give me a hand with this? I'm just too lost in the code.


Hey guys, I figured since I'm what looks like done with all the mods I wanted to implement into PunBB (I think they're neccesary features, not extras, personally...) I might as well show it off.

The <Iron Curtain> forums. A World of Warcraft guild.

PunBB 1.2.5

Mods are:

Private Messanging
Gallery 1.2

Plugins are:

News Generator
DB Management
User Management
Calendar Management

Everything is running as it should and not giving me any problems. My guild is very happy that I am able to provide so many features at such short notice. I'm very happy that I'm working with the best Bulletin-Board system on the 'net. However, in my oh so humble opinion, PunBB should come in a Normal and Plus configuration, with the plus config having all those mods already implemented into it.

So.. where do I get some nice styles?


Oh, well then. It works.



Nevermind... tongue

Thanks for another awesome mod.


Hmm... this is odd.

I have followed instructions to a T, and changed the versions array to 1.2.5, and the db installed fine, and the mods were put in the right place (where applicable, although the lines didn't always match my actual line count, and I was doing it on a fresh punbb install) but when I open the forums there are no signs of the PM mod being installed. At all. Not in the profile, not in the main page, nowhere.


What's wrong?


Will PMmod 1.2.1 work well with PunBB 1.2.5?

Are you going to release a version that is fully compatible? I would like to implement PMing into my forums but don't want anything funny to happen. smile



Just wanted to chime in that I installed this mod without a hitch and everything is running smoothly. However, timed polls will definitely have to be implemented in the near future, as some polls are very time-critical.




I just got my clammy little hands on Mac OS X 10.4 Server and installed PHP 5 onto it, and everything works great.

It was probably my PHP version that was incompatible with certain functions or calls or something. I won't start making believe I know what I'm talking about, but it works now, and I couldn't be happier.


Actually, I could be happier.

I think this would make for a really good update to PBB Gallery. User-made sub-albums or 'Pages'. This way, if I have a set of 4 or 5 images, and another set of 12, they won't be mixed up together but on seperate 'Pages', so to speak.

But, then again, it's already a great mod as it is, and infinitely easy to set up.



I'm getting the same error, but different line.

I believe I'm getting line 175 (the one that describes .jpg images) while 169 describes .gif images.

Working off memory, though.


The avatar gallery works fine. But it's just image upload to a directory.

The PunBB Gallery requires some sort of image manipulation, no?


I tried to change the permissions to 666, and it still gave me the same error. Changing to 777 yielded this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: imagecreatefromjpeg() in /Library/WebServer/Documents/sites/ironcurtain/forum/gallery.php on line 173

It wasn't a nice, pretty error with css and the page still rendering, but the operating stopping white page with black text kind of error, if that makes sense.

I went back and forth to 666 and 777 just to make sure, and it's a repeatable error.

I changed the perms back to the default 755 for now.