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Someone did reply! tongue
I like pogenwurst's idea... it seems pretty good to me. I'll have to take a look at the code when I get home.
I am naturally going to make a copy of parser.php, that way if it gets serverly screwed up I can return it to it's prior working order.
Rickard: do you happen to know if the safehtml parser is safe to use with punbb? Any tips and concerns would be super helpful. smile

Thanks everyone for the help!

Hmm... I can feel the oncoming pain and suffering.

Hello everyone!

I was wondering if it is possible to use html tags instead of BBcode tags.

so <a href="http://google.com"></a> would create a link instead of

[url = http://google.com]Test[/url]

I'd like it to work this way for all major tags, like img, a, b, i, and u. I'm pretty sure this would take a lot of chopping up the parser.php file.

Thanks in advance! big_smile


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Ok, then what should be used?


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You could make it simply that users having less than 25 posts can't see the userlist, becuase by no means should the guest account have 25 posts. wink


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Sounds like a decent candidate for a mod, if anything.

It wouldn't be too hard... maybe creating a new column in the forums table (like useimg or something) set as an integer, 1 for images allowed and 0 for images not allowed. At the top of viewtopic.php it could redefine $pun_config['p_message_img_tag'] = $res['useimg'] based on the information in that column.

Or maybe people could just link to their images. wink

This is pretty smooth. smile Great job!


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Probably irrelevant, but you spelled malicious wrong in the announcement. wink


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Thanks, it's about time. smile This will help a lot with the auto registrations that have been going on.


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I've seen this happen before, and it's not really that funny. It's because of the fact punbb adds unverified users to the database... there's probably been other discussions about this elsewhere, but it's an easy fix if you implement a captcha (type what it says in the image in the textbox to continue)

Personally I'd just put the subforum listing in with the description...


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Would a mysql fulltext index be as fast as the one punbb already offers? Could you offer me some pros and cons, Rickard?

Thanks in advance for your help!

That's possible through user groups. Create categories (Customer Specific Category #1, for example) in administration > categories. Then create forums (in administration>forums) inside the new category. From there, add different usergroups in administration>User Groups. Then go back to administration>forums and click edit on the apropriate forum box, and use the checkboxes to specify which groups can read, view, and post in that forum.


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I'm wondering... would it be wiser to use mysql's built in search indexing  as opposed to using punbb's search indexing? The site I'm coding for will eventually have a lot of traffic and a need for two search indexes.

I've come to understand the reason for punbb having it's own search system was to maintain compatibility with more than one type of database. Now I'm hearing horror stories about how big databases are becoming and how backups are getting painful with a punbb search index. It would be even worse for me because I'll have two search indexes (one for pictures and one for forums).

Edit includes/templates/main.tpl to suit your website as it is. If you don't have many pages, consider moving your content over to punbb. You can do this by making a copy of index.php and calling it forums.php, cutting most of the stuff out of index.php so only the header and footer and essential files are included. Then you can add your content there.


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It's also nice if you like a forum with red X's all over the place. smile


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You probably have an if() or some other similar statement without a { directly after it.


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Go to the language files and find 'not logged in' and add a '<br />' to the end of it.


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I agree, it could be a bit wider. You could easily afford to make it 700px wide.


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Happy new year to punbb and the team... and everyone else too!


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I like that crack on Stephen Harper for PM. Good one. smile

Yay, another Ontarian! smile


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Hey ultime, corrupting everybody? tongue

If I had started back when I was thinking of it, how much money would I have now?