Check it out, I made a custom topic rating system, and have a lot of mods installed.

Let me know what you think, and if I should change anything!

<td class="tcl"><?php echo '<a href="profile.php?id='.$user_data['id'].'"><span style="color:'.$user_data['g_color'].'">'.pun_htmlspecialchars($user_data['username']).'</span></a>' ?></td>     

Theres the code outputting

the usergroup colors don't work for the user list, it works in threads though.  Take a look at my site to see an example.

Thanks!  (I really need this badly!)

Bump, I really need this fixed please!

they aren't fixed, it still isnt working sad


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I got tired of looking through video websites to find good fighting videos.  SO I made this website big_smile

PunBB worked great, I think I'll make a custom mod so I can post videos, and users can rate them.  I also want to have the topics listed by rating.  Anyway, if I make it, I'll post about it. 

I would really appreciate it if you guys helped spread the word about the site smile

Thanks PunBB!

Only admins can change the username.  The rest you could just delete the fields from the profile.php page.

probably something to do with cookies.  Check if they are enabled?

I can make it.  Do you just want a text area, where the user can write a little bit about themselves?

Nevermind, looks like Gary beat me to it sad


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where does punbb get the data for the global variables, like $pun_user?



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Am I allowed to release mods here, but require the person to go to my website, and register, to get the mod?  I was thinking about starting a punbb mod community, and think this would be a good way to attract some users.


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I have done some tracking of people online.  If I can get a common screen name they use, I can usually come up with:

Phone Number
City, State
Real Name
Hobbies, and interests.

Hey, smile

It could be because that hosting site, I am sure that is what is causing the problem.  Have you thought about using   ?

I honestly don't see how this could happen.  Are you sure the screen is entirely "blank" ?  There isn't an error?


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I'll trying doing this later tonight, I don't feel well right now.  I also think this would be a nice feature.


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yeah, that's a good idea.  Yes, my forum index will be my indx page for the entire site.  I am basically going to try and make a CMS out of punbb. big_smile  I will find a way to show my support for punbb, I absolutely love it smile


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Those are just the forums though, not the main site.  I think it matters more on the main page.  The first impression a potential  costumer will have could be ruined by them getting the wrong idea.

(GMT-10) … /index.htm


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Alright, thanks for the information big_smile  I just would like to remove them because it looks bad for a hosting company in my opinion.  I will make a thread about the project, if I complete it smile


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I plan on turning punBB into a complete webhosting website.  There will be numerous changes to the system, including a support system, possibly live chat, etc.  I was wondering if the license allows me to remove the copyright notices?  The system will be so different that no one will recognize it as being punBB.

Thanks for your help big_smile


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wow, thanks a lot.  I thought it was just because I was using firefox big_smile

Thank you very much, I'll do that when I get home

I don't know php, so this is basically my first project, which I actually finished successfully smile  I started with the Frontpage mod, and my goal was to integrate the forums and an image rating script.  I have made it so users can edit their image data in the profile page, and mods/admins can suspend their image, etc big_smile

Please, tell me what you all think!  I put a lot of work into this smile  (Post your picture and access forums) (The Forums)  (Rate the Images) (The Portal Page)


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Worked, thanks a lot!  big_smile

PS:  Take a look at my thread in "Show Off" to see what you guys helped me accomplish!!