A couple of people have mailed me lately with questions regarding the converter. When one of them said that they've bought the converter I asked what he meant as it's available for free here:

In the reply I got this link to where the converter is sold:
http://www.jvitals.com/index.php?option … Itemid=153

Agora is the PunBB "version" for Joomla if I've understood it all correct.

I haven't made any development on the converter for at least a couple of years now so it's far from updated. It feels wrong somehow that they're selling a non-updated version of the converter that's available for free... and should be available for free.

Anything I can/should do about this?

Rickard wrote:

We use IIS6 at work and it's a pain if you want to run anything but ASP/ASP.NET.

Using IIS6 on our servers at my work, and we don't have any problems running PHP and Perl on them.

Edit: PHP is a pain to install on either system though... I hate it.

If you are used to coding PHP it won't be any problems at all. Just read the files from the perl-script and insert the data into the punbb database. Make sure to make the script reload the page several times as it will timeout if you don't. If you have any questions just ask, I made the converter that you can find on the punbb downloads page so I have lost of experience from it smile

PunBB stores the date information as a Unix Timestamp.

Take a look at the function strtotime, I think it will solve your problem:


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Smartys wrote:

We're considering ways to make the converter better for 1.3: hopefully it should be easier to add modules for new forum systems smile

Sounds like a good idea smile

(I haven't touched the code in a couple of years)

Edit: It's 1.5 years...


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It's alive yes, but I don't have time to update it anymore, for several reasons:

1. I'm a WoW addict.
2. I finally got a work.
3. Lack of interest.

I'm gonna try to go through the site someday and update it. Maybe make it more automated, so that the sites people adds are connected to their forum. I also have about 20 "I need help with the punbb-converter"-mails in my inbox...


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Connor hosts yes... and yes I only need to set it up smile

I have uploaded the files now at least, only need to update the database (15 meg .sql-file...).


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Talked to Connorhd on irc today, fixed me an account on his server smile

Thanks a lot!

Now I only need to get the backups from my last host ;P


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PunBBig is down at the moment as I need to find a new server...

Read more about it here:


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As some of you have noticed, PunBBig has been down for a while. I have hosted it on a friends computer, but since I were the only one using it he decided to remove unix from it and make it a wondows-computer that he could use for other things.

So, I'm now in need for a new host.

The question is, can some friendly PunBB user provide me this for free, or should I look around for payed hosts? The problem is that I need perl access (using crontab) to update the data nightly, which I don't think that many hosts allow...

Please post here or send me a mail if you can help :)


Edit: Oh, btw, if you wonder what "hej" means, it's the swedish word for "hello" :)

New version released... download at the punbb download page: http://punbb.org/downloads.php

Some changes:

* Added support for "Simple Machines Forum" and "SimpleBoard"
* Converter now updates the cached files (bans, quickjump, config and ranks).
* Fixed _SESSION / _GET / _POST variable problems.
* Added more accurate info in the error message (points to correct file/line instead of functions.php).
* Cleaned up and simplified the code in several files (overall less code).
* Made sure I only used "<?php" as start tagg.

Not easy to know everything works though, as there are _a lot_ of different foum setups / server setups... so please let me know if somthing isn't working (and do make a backup before using the converter!!).


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Zoltor wrote:

I found SMF->IPB converter.. then convert from IPB nj PunBB.. but on index forum page I doesn't see time of last post at right column.. and some messages with quotes lose normal appearance and view of topic is bad.. sad
Sorry for my english!

As stated above... just send me a sql-dump of you forum database and I'll see if I can add it to the current converters. Mail is chacmool@gmail.com.

Edit: I downloaded SMF and installed it... and damn, that forum is nice! It was so easy making the converter, I think it took about 2 hours. I've been working with the UBB.threads converter earlier today, and that work can be described more as: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! Frustration!!!" smile

Anyway... send me that sql-dump so I have some real data to try with (or, if you don't like to send it to me, I can send the converter for you to try with).

niravs wrote:

I would love to get my hands on the UBB 5.x to phpBB converter.  I am looking to move my old UBB thread forum to Getvanilla, and I have been suggested to find a converter of this nature.  Would it be possible for me to receive this converter you built?

Made some work today, but it's far from done.

I've sent you an email about it.


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PunBBig is up and running again now smile

It's running on a friends server, and he decided på reinstall it a few days ago. It had 750+ days uptime untill then... impressive! Took some days before it were online again.

I've been about to do a converter from UBB.threads several times now. Though, every time I try I just stop where I'm about to download the forum software and install it. Installation goes smooth, but then I'm getting problems with their stupid "Disabled in Demo version" buttons! I can't even get an example forum to show properly... *sigh* I hate non free forums so much!!!

Could someone be nice to send me a database-sql-dump for me to test the converter on? I've got a clean database installation, but it's much easier with real user/topic/.../posts data to test it on.

Also, does someone know the difference between UBB.threads and UBB.classic?

Over and out.

I've now sent an updated version to Rickard... should be up when he's online next time.

 · InbPB: Fixed problem where user with id=1 was not
   converted properly (reported by kiplantt)
 · vBulletin: Fixed issues where "old" database fields,
   such as last_action and status, gave error messages.

 · All: Removed 'closed'-variable from the forum-
   database-migration. (reported by Mike)
 · Phorum: Fixed a problem where guests posts
   disappeared (reported by Cyril)

 · PhpBB: Fixed problem with closed forums
   (reported by Justin)
 · PhpBB: Users having a registered date in the form
   "Nov 10, 2000" now are have their registered date
   properly converted (reported by Justin)
 · Phorum: Fixed problem where the last-post-dates
   in viewtopic was not set properly. (reported by Cyril)


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MtDewVirus wrote:

Is this converter available? I'd like to try out PunBB, but will need to convert a Phorum installation.


It is.

It's availible from PunBB's download page. Though, it's not the latest version, so I'll send you the converter by mail instead. I'm gonna send Rickard the updated converter later today hopefully, when I've made some more tests on it.


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bubach wrote:
SHOW TABLES FROM punbb LIKE '%users'

Ohh... that explains it smile Thanks!


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I don't see where there can be anything wrong here... This SQL-query should be no problem to run:

SHOW TABLES IN punbb LIKE '%users'

Or am I missing something? Different SQL-versions, user permissions and so on...


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Speedy wrote:

I get this message:

An error was encountered
File: /usr/home/u2u/domains/u2u.nl/public_html/forum2/include/dblayer/mysql.php
Line: 58

PunBB reported: Unable to connect to MySQL server. MySQL reported:

Can anybody help me? MySQl didn't report anything...
Mabye a timeout?

Do you know where in the process it stopped? (you can tell me the page=? variable in the url)


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jeronimo wrote:

Hi Chacmool,

Dit you receive the database ?


Yes I did smile

And I also made the converter, almost done now. It converts the forum data, but I've not changed anything related to BB-code and such stuff. Is BB-code included in Phorum per default, or is it a addon? (I checked the official forum, and I saw no sign of any BB-code support there).

I'll make some more changes today, and mail you the converter today or tomorrow morning.

darkside wrote:
Chacmool wrote:

Yeah, I know. I should have (as I've mentioned before) gone through the mod to make _alot_ of changes. It's sooooo booring though, so I've never taken any time to do it.

I'll probably do it when converting it to 1.2 though, we'll see.

i hope you will Chacmool cause this mod is really nice and handy!
we wont upgrade to 1.2 untill this PM system mod is upgraded wink

I'm working on it. Though, it's a lot of work, which I must force myself to do (play WoW is much more fun smile).

I've now updated the converter so it can handle PunBB 1.2.

Download the beta here.


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It's not been much programming lately... not much punbb at all actually (I had FIVE pages of new topics when I visited the forum today :))

I might be able to help you. Though, it's much easier for me to do the conversion tool if I have a "real" database to do it on. Could you send me a sql-dump of your database for me to test with?

Yeah, I know. I should have (as I've mentioned before) gone through the mod to make _alot_ of changes. It's sooooo booring though, so I've never taken any time to do it.

I'll probably do it when converting it to 1.2 though, we'll see.